Saturday, July 23, 2005

Poles take threats seriously

One of the groups that claimed the London bombings has made threats against Poland.

“Our attack in the heart of the British capital is nothing but a message to all European governments that we will not rest until all the infidel troops leave Iraq," said the Abu Hafs Al Masri Brigades, the same group that claimed the Madrid bombings last year. The ‘Brigades’ also claimed that it was able to stage a ‘bloody war’ on countries that have troops in Iraq. “Our next word will be in the heart of European capitals.”

“This is the last message we send to the European countries,” they say on one of the many anti-infidel web sites. “We are giving you one month for your soldiers to leave the Land Of The Two Rivers. Then there will be no other messages, but actions, and the words will be engraved in the heart of Europe. It is time for you to understand that the Mujahideen will not leave their nation suffering under the stigma of humiliation and the killings by American fire which you allied with".

Scary stuff. Poland currently has around 1000 troops in Iraq and is in control of a multinational force in the south-central zone of the horror strewn country. The government issued a statement of its own announcing that it, “takes all threats seriously.”

The Polish government also announced earlier this year that by the end of the year there will only be a few hundred troops left at their Babylon base.

But new plans to join the US in Afghanistan have been announced this week, where Poland will once again be in control of a multinational force, rooting out the Taliban, etc..

One Polish journalist said to me this week: ”Don’t they ever learn?” He for one was convinced that the bombings in London have a direct link to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Few Poles disagree.


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