Wednesday, July 06, 2005

‘Bono stole my logo’, says Pole

The backdrop to the stage show by stadium rockers U2 features the Coexist logo, designed by Polish artist, Piotr Mlodożeniec. Shame then that they forgot to ask for his permission to use it.

U2 played Chorzow, in the south of Poland yesterday. And everyone loved it, of course. But imagine the surprise Piotr got when he recognized the Coexist logo – which features the Islamic crescent, the Star of David and the Christian cross, and symbolizes all three religions living happily in harmony and all that lovey-dovey stuff.

Polish graphic artist, Piotr Młodożeniec, told Polish Radio that he feels honoured to see Bono using his sign, but that he is bitterly disappointed that none of the members of the group ever asked him for permission to use it.

Apparently, Bono saw the logo on a wall with other graffiti when he was on a trip to the American, Polish stronghold of Chicago, and thought it would look good as part of the U2 stage show, which emphasizes peace and love throughout the world, and poverty is a bad thing and shouldn’t be allowed.

So Bono nicked it.

Maybe if Bono is really sincere about Making Poverty History, then he should make a large donation to an impoverished, Polish artist before he accuses the G8 of failing to live up to their promises.

Read on:

U2 use Polish designed logo, but forget to ask for permission
Radio Polonia June 6

See Coexists logo


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