Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beatroots conquer Europe

Well, we haven’t really: but we did get second place in the Satin Pajamas Best European Political Blog Awards.

Well, we didn’t really. We were joint second. But we were joint second with European Tribune – one of the first – like Fist Full of Dollars, the curators of the Satin Pajamas awards – European blogs, and ones that most bloggers have heard of. They have some respect.

So, a blog about Poland has made its little, red stained mark. Just like getting barszcz beetroot soup on your best white shirt, and even the girlfriend’s mother doesn’t know how to get rid of it.

Oh, by the way – the winner was the brilliant and well known Northern Irish blogger, Slugger O’Toole – just like I said he would be.


michael farris said...

Yes, yes congratulations all around, blah, blah, blah.

(are they gone?)

Okay, let's get down to the serious business of figuring out how to utterly destroy these upstarts that dared to place above you.
(innocent humming)
Go away, nothing to see here, show's over....
As I was saying, a source tells me that for the right price a certain teczka can be "found" ....

Damien Moran said...

Well done BR and all who have been contributing to this blog for the past 2 years. I find it a helpful induction and debating space to clarify thoughts and impressions, etc. on Poland and Polish life. Them Paddy bastards beat us to it -grrrrr!!!!

geez said...

Your coming in second is prolly the result of deep-seated beetrootphobia.

Anonymous said...

Well done beat:-)


Topcat said...

Congratualtions, BR. I voted for you too. Keep up the good work.


varus said...


Thoroughly deserved :)

sonia said...

Well, I guess congratulations are in order, although I find it very strange that an award can be given to a 'European' blog. There is no Europe or America on the Internet and there shouldn't be. The very idea of dividing Internet along the continental divides seems completely anachronistic to me.

Down with borders in Cyberspace!

beatroot said...

It was a European blog award thing about European themes. The World has lots of other 'awards'...

Anonymous said...

The gay lobby supported the faggot who owns this blog.

metka by traczka said...

anon, maybe you're a faggot, the Beatroot is not. I know something about it, so piss off.