Thursday, December 07, 2006

Not so all-mighty Lepper begs: ‘Feel my pain’.

Tearful Andrzej begs press to back off.

Andrzej Lepper cried today at a press conference. Yes, political bruiser Lepper, referring to the hounding he is getting from the press since Aneta Krawczyk claimed she could describe what his todger looked like (see previous posts below), said today in front of the ranks of the national media: “You can hound me, but [blub, sniff] please, please [gulp] leave [blub] my family [blub, blub] alooooone….[blub].”

Hanky anyone?


Anonymous said...

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dedicris said...

In the name of God, supply pics of Madame Labour Minister. Strudel

beatroot said...

Katy...fuck off.

Dedicris: you can see here here

Michael Farris said...


beatroot said...

Malested. Fumbled. Groped. And other stuff...

polishpenguin said...

I just love how everyone jumps to conclusions even though nothing has been proven yet. It seems like the media in Poland are just as bad as the U.S., if not worse. A bunch of bloodhounds.

Michael Farris said...

is 'malested' anything like 'molested'?

Anonymous said...

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beatroot said...

malested is molested with a headache (so 'not tonight Andrzej, my sweet...".

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