Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Beatroot's Back!

From Saturday 22 October I will be reactivating this blog.

Yeah, I know I said that before but I had to get the appetite back.

Well, the appetite's back and I am HUNGRY!

This blog used to be, by far, the most widely read on the politics of Poland as it managed to break out of the English language blogging ghetto in this country. Not many do. I was asked to contribute to the EU's Open Democracy project; The Economist called the beatroot "one of the better English-language bloggers on Poland" left wing blogger, Norman Geras, in the UK featured me in his weekly 'profile'; top right wing blogger in the UK, Richard North, asked me to join his merry band of bloggers, was asked to cover the 2007 Polish elections for Pajamas mention but a few of the names that picked up on the beatroot.

The blog will be covering what looks like a second term for the deathly dull coalition government led by Donald Tusk and chums in the Civic Platform (PO) party and their mates in the Polish Peasant's Party (PSL).

Many Poles would say better a deathly dull Tusk than a slightly demented Jaroslaw Kaczynski at the helm. And they may be right. I don't support any party in Poland so it's not really for me to say. A plague on their houses... etc.

I will not just be covering Polish politics however: the EU and central and eastern Europe in general will be the targets for my ire.

I aim to post three times per week. See you then.


Gabriel said...

Yay! Seems to be blogging in the air this season, I aim to kick off again as well... A lot seem to have changed in the Polish political landscape since I last checked in (as always). Will be following The Beatroot for sure, let's party like it's 2006.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

About time, my man! Poles want to feel that their country is normal. Maybe they are tired of politics in general, and want it to go away. That's why Tusk got votes.

rolnik_jaś said...

glad to hear that the beatroot will be back in action :)

although you do not mention palikot, i hope he gets his dildos out during this parliamentary term. or maybe try to replace the cross in sejm with a pair of pink furry handcuffs?

beatroot said...

Well, cheers boys (assuming anon is a geezer)

There is a ceremonial position in the british parliament called Black Rod. He bangs on the door with his Rod to usher in MPs to the house of lords during the queens speech at the opening of each parliamentary term. Perhaps Palikot's dildo (he bransihed one at a press conference once for the unitiated) could have the same function in the Polish parliament? We could call him Pink Rod.

beatroot said...

Pink Rod

Brian May said...

At least ! Not only it's a pleasure to read you again but also a relief to debate about all those -expected- changes that faces Poland.

Let's go !

beatroot said...

It's very nice people remember this blog. Cheers.

I really was hoping after I started the blog the last time that there would be many more political blogs about Poland in English .... and it just hasn't happened. So I am going to try to get this thing going again. We do need a place to talk about this stuff.

As Brian May - the Queen guitarist? I bet you are sick of that 'joke' :-) - says, there are going to be BIG issues facing Poland going forward. I still think Europe is in for a very bad ride, economically, and this will have serious and unforeseen consequences for Poland.

BeccaBoo said...

YAY! Beatroot's back!!

Anonymous said...

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