Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Elderly man throws liquid poo at Smolensk plaque

A 70 year old man is truly deep in do-do today after throwing a jar of the stuff over the plaque unveiled last week on the presidential palace wall in honour of the Smolensk victims.

Oh, how a tragedy has turned into a feacial farce. Protestors were outraged last week when two modest grade officials were sent out, without prior notice, to unveil a plaque which they hoped would calm down the Defenders of the Cross.

The government's Grzegorz Schetyna said that he hoped that the plaque would go some way to placating the protestors, who were still seething at the, aborted, attempt the week before to move the cross to St Anne’s church (see posts below).

But the protestors howled “outrage” and “insult” at the feeble attempt to shut them up and make them go back home.

At the time of writing it is not known who the 70 year man is (though obviously the loose-boweled old geezer is a TROTSky-ite) or what he hoped to prove by his antics this afternoon. Prison awaits him for defaming a national - some would say religious - monument, although will the authorities be so stupid to give these people another martyr? If their previous incompetence is anything to go by then probably the answer to that question is “yes”.

And then the shit really will hit the fan.


ge'ez said...

Lock the shit-throwing blaspheming malcontents up in a mental ward.


They are bonkers and need help.

The pathetic thing is that they seem to be taken seriously.

ge'ez said...

I just read that Radio Maryja is going apeshit (pun intended) is really racheting up their already inflamatory rhetoric and fomenting a lynchmob mentality against anyone who is not aligned with PIS.

It seetm that President Komorowski, Gronkiewicz-Waltz (the President of Warsaw) and Premier Tusk have all been branded as pseudo Catholics and worse by Father Rydzyk.

As we all know, Father Rydzyk's radio station has long been broadcasting political propaganda in the guise of promulgating the Catholic Cathecism.

Now, he and his bunch are pretty much summoning all "good" Catholics to the barricades and to even be prepared for martyrdom against a "morally corrupt" policial regime now elected to office.

According to the RM line, if you don't support PIS, you are not a good Catholic.

RM-ites are also now demonizing anyone who supports the notion of separation of state and church.

The concept of "civil society" is also being called the devil's work. Their rhetoric holds that "civil society" is a godless society which is demonic and not part of Polish core values.

You'd think there'd be some serious action against this Polish Taliban network by Church officials already. But no.

RM is pretty much fomenting insurrection. And the state will similarly watch idly by and do nothing except go Tsk-tsk. I guess that's where Tusk got his name.

beatroot said...

...and right on cue another crazed nut is arrested outside presidents palace...this time he has a grenade....


From what I can gather this guy was threatening the cross defenders...

jannowak57 said...

This is just all too embarrassing in the old days we would just kill each other rather than be rude or distasteful in our behavior.

For a moment my hopes were up because if the Polish Taliban showed with shit and the secular side showed up with hand grenades that works just fine for me, but no it had to be a dude. Why is incompetence such a problem with these people?

Frank Partisan said...

I think the 700 Club guy should be consulted on this issue.

700 Club Guy said...

Shit happens.

ge'ez said...

If God didn't want us to throw shit on plaques, he wouldn't have given us bowels, I spose.

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