Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama - ‘the end of White Man’s civilisation…as we know it’

Yes, it’s true. Obama didn’t just win an election last Tuesday, he has become the “Black Messiah” of the new left, is a joy to Islamist weird beards with life-style ambitions to become a suicide bomber, is a “pacifist”, and is the black man whose presidency will bring White Man’s civilisation crumbing down around Barack’s rather large ears.

I made the bit up about his ears (though they are HUGE! Put a couple of solar panels on them and you could produce the energy needs of the White House). But the rest of the bull above actually did come dribbling out of the mouth of one of Poland’s most loony of politicians, Law and Justice MP Artur Gorski (that's him in the photo).

The remarks - which many believe to be a little…you know…racist…were made to parliament last Wednesday. Slowly the horror of what he said burned…foreign ministry condemned him…his own party promises he is going to get a good spanking.

Gorski said that he “never meant to offend anyone [?] and that he was “um…taken out of context.”

Journalists have printed the whole transcript of what he said and, no, he wasn’t taken out of context.

Gorski has been in the news before, during a campaign to get an image of the Virgin Mary put on the national flag. He was also one of a bunch of MPs who wanted to make Jesus the King of Poland.

What makes a frazzled mind such as Gorski’s put together devout Catholicism, a nutty type of nationalism, the most blatant racism, and his own delusional fantasies that he - he! - is superior, in anyway, to anyone, ever?

This is the last post about Obama for a while. Promise. In fact, the next beatroot post will come to you, direct, from Israel.


Anonymous said...

Oh jeez, he even has Sarah Palin glasses!

beatroot said...

In fact, he's Poland's version of the Lipstick Pit Bull, by the look of him (click of the photo to enlarge).

Unknown said...

I know this may spark a crusade but why should we be surprised that a polish catholic nut is a racist and a nationalist??? It's all par for the course. Do you know that ol' southern saying: "If it ain't fried it ain't food"? For many Poles it is much like that too: if it ain't Polish it ain't worth crap! For the geezers from Gorski's generation a black man will always be something between "Uncle Tom" and "Murzynek Bambo" with a little flavoring of 50 Cent.

beatroot said...

I didn't wanna go here but now that you brought it are right.

The responces from people - of a certain generation - has been very starnge here. There is one woman at work. she is daughter of some commie she had certain perks as being a member of goes around with Gucci handbags thinking she is a bit know the type.

Aanyway, I get the impression she is rather bamused by Óbama's election. She keeps saying that "Poles would never vote for a black man..."...the day after the election she was going on about how "Poles think that when a black pope is elected then that will be the last pope.." - a common silly saying here. But she was likening that nonsense with having a black president of the US.

She keeps saying how "Poles" would think this or that...but, really, she means herself.

So you are right heatseeker...Poles of a certain generation - and many more besides - have a very childish and primative view of black folk...

It comes from being locked up in a commie hell hole while the rest of the world was growing up, a bit.

beakerkin said...

Here we go again with the disdain for
the Polish people who are seen as unenlightened by the Salonista Beatroot who is the guiding light for the unwashed masses.

Bigotry can be found anywhere including especially the rather mindless Beatroot saloon/salon where all those who do not agree with the Beatroot are primitives. You need to show more respect for the people you live amongst.

Lets see I heard a few anti gay jokes in VT so the entire state must be homophobic. This is the reductionist thinking once again
displayed by the saloonista.

Obama is an elitist raised in Hawaii by far left parents sent to
an elite private school on scholarship. He is more Little Lord Fauntleroy or Al Gore than average
American. In defense of Al Gore, he did work a real job in the army albeit somewhat pampered.

Unknown said...

Beakerkin said:
"Obama is an elitist raised in Hawaii by far left parents sent to
an elite private school on scholarship. He is more Little Lord Fauntleroy or Al Gore than average
Did Sean Hannity tell you that? Or was it that moron Rush whats-his-face? Or was it the same people who were claiming that Obama was a communist because of his 'association' with Alice Palmer? (Incidently a US Senator Obama defeated for his senatorial seat). You people mindlessly repeat that garbage like it's going to make any difference. Wake up! You have a smart, young politician who happened to be black going to be sworn in as a President of the US. Deal with it! Or get you rasist ass as far away from the States as you can.

Unknown said...

BTW Beakerkin, I'm surprised that you or one of your fellow-cretins have not mentioned Cliff Kincaid, so decided to help you out buddy - Check out this piece of pseudo-journalism:

YouNotSneaky! said...

Morons like Beakerkin aside, I feel like I gotta stand up for Poles "of a certain generation" here. I'm sure the kind you describe above certainly exist, just like there's plenty of ol' white people in the US who harbor similar prejudices (though they may know better than to say this kind of crap outloud). But I doubt it's the majority. It's not true amongst my elder family members who are big Obama supporters (and some of them are pretty serious about the Catholic thing, mass three times per week, confession at least once a week, weekends spent at cemeteries tending to the graves of ancestors). And I don't think it's true for many others. This past summer, on the mikrobus from Tarnow to Krakow I got squeezed in between a pair of old ladies (head kerchiefs, baskets with eggs from the market, the whole Eastern European old lady stereotype) who were busy discussing politics, in particular American politics. They were both busy fawning over Obama like a pair of school girls talking about how handsome, smart and sophisticated he is. And in personal conversations whenever it came up that I actually lived in US, Obama was usually mentioned as the "next president, because who else could they elect? there's no one better!" (basically the same phrase was used by old very Catholic Polish people on more than one occasion).
As someone else somewhere said the main problem with morons is not that there's so many of them, in fact most people are fairly reasonable when you get down to it, but that they tend to be so vocal so as to seem much more numerous then they actually are. And that can sometimes skew even reasonable people towards moronism. And this is true for Catholics of one generation or another.

Anyway. Isn't Gorski a fairly young dude? And while Radio Maryja does draw some support from scared ol' people (and quite honestly, personally I'm willing to give ol' people a bit of leeway when it comes to things like these since they grew up differently and they're all wrinkly and stuff), aren't a lot of these kind of problems coming from organizations like Mlodzierz Wszechpolska - i.e. stupid young thugs?

beakerkin said...

Here we go with more stupidity from
the salonistas.


Those are the facts about Obama's life. He is more Little Lord Fauntleroy than average American.

Hannity is a great American who allows more genuine dissent on his show than his counterparts. Last I checked Charlie Rangel and a host of others had plenty of room to voice opposition. Hannity also has ratings unlike Screwball or Comwad Overbite.

The other loser is a qualified expert on morons being a certified
moron himself.

Obama will prove to be very divisive and be a one term act.
The media can not cover for this bait and switch game forever. People will eventually look at their shrinking paychecks and see increasing layoffs and deduce a raw deal.

The tone Beatroot uses to describe
Poles is arrogant and condescending. He really should return to nothingness in the UK where he embodies mediocrity at best.

I want to applaud Beatroot for becoming a cartoon. Years ago there
was a parody called the Ugly American. Well Beatroot is the "Boorish Salonista who knows all about everything. He knows what is best for the unwashed Polish masses. He knows what is best for the uncivilized Americans. He sees
Chavez as the new Peron. He fancies
himself Orwell while praising Marx
and not seeing the disastrous applications of his lunacy or rabid bigotry.

The salonista is the sole arbiter of morality and wisdom. The Conga line of Venezuelan professionals who see me weekly need to read the Beatroot to learn from their betters. The Polish American emigrants who cry tears of joy when granted green cards or citizenship
are misguided and need Beatenroot to explain their lives to them.

Sorry but the MSM of Duranty and Dubray and fake Jenin massacres is less credible than Hannity who at least allows the other side to air their opinions.

luridtraversal said...

Hey BeakerTwat... On your blog, you've been listing all the things you're going to give up during the Obama presidency. Why don't you give up paranoid, ignorant comments here? It should go nicely with you "not going to Broadway shows". Be a good little government agent, and put on your foil hat, lock your doors and look out for the communist/baby eating Obama Militia!!!

luridtraversal said...

Younotsneaky: Great comment. It's been a lot of the same reaction with my wife's family. I think it's more of a generational thing. Not even ignorant per se, but just sheltered.

beatroot said...

Sneaky...of course, you are right not to write off a whole geberation...and you may also be right to point out that people in UK, for instance, might harbour similar prejudices but not say them...whereas here sppech codes are a little different. But I would also maintain that the level of childish ignorance is higher in Poland than in western europe, for instance, and this is because people have not had much, or any contact with them.

BWT - Nsz dziennik, the print arm of radio Maryja lead with an article last week headlined Attack of the Far Left, refering to be able to describe Obama as far left beggers the imagination. I would say he is centre-right, if anything.

Anonymous said...

Beaky, I had thought you already moved to France whilst you could still escapefrom the new Marxist government here. Hey, waddya think of Rahm, buddy? I hear he's really, really anti-Israel. And I hear Obama's gonna put Bill Ayers in charge of the Immigration Service! And he'll make sure that Poles can get visas! But no military bases and missiles thanks to Rev. Wright taking over as head of the defense department. That other Chicago crook you like to mention will take over HUD -- Housing and Urban Development. And you are so right about only 4 years of Obama. For sure in 2012: Palin and Ghouliani! Yea, that's the ticket, if you believe in Hannity. But if you wake up from your delusional state, you might realize you're in for 8 years of Obama and 8 additional years of Hillary!!! Think about it Beaky. Oh yea!

Anonymous said...

Hey, beatroot, will you cover murder of Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak?

beatroot said...

It's a nasty story

Anonymous said...

The story is really a kick in the stomach.

Obviously, BR is not covering it up, though.

What's your opinion on interacial marriage, anon?

beakerkin said...


Have you renounced your citizenship?d
You are to ignorant and mediocre to make a living in the states. You really need to preface all your conversations with the reminder that you are a dullard.

Last I checked I still have the right to determine how my funds are spent.I have eliminated all donation to higher education and the arts until the remove far left politics from the agenda. I make several donations in these categories every year. These contributions will be channeled to
more appropriate venues.

Obama seriously does think he is the messiah and these inane calls
for new security forces are meglomania. He will be fought at every junction by real Americans.

Shrinking paychecks, no jobs and meglomania will wear thin quickly.
Jimmy Peanut will look good in comparison to the failed messiah.

Moving from the mediocre to the retarded Geez. You are so stupid you need to get undressed to count to 21. Do the math and add up how old Hillary would be after eight years of the messiah? Hillary is finished and may not even run again.

Ayers and Wright are going nowhere
as Obama tends to place commies in places where their inherent low IQ's will cause no headaches like the NEA.

France has made vasts improvements
under Sarkozy but still has too many out of the closet Socialists
salonistas for my tastes.

Your kind said the same crap in 1976. Jimmy Carter made a mess and was tossed quickly. His stench led to twelve years of GOP dominance.

The country has never been more divded than it is now. It will get worse as Obama lies, corruption and
arrogance wear on the countries nerves.

Bill Clinton knew how to play the
average American bit. Clinton grew up in trailer parks and knew how to play the game. He was a narcicist
but a clever politician. Obama lacks that skill and intellect and comes off as elitist and arrogant.

He is trying to keep the radicals under wraps and reassure the markets, it will not work.

YouNotSneaky! said...

"What's your opinion on interacial marriage"

I think it should be mandatory. For the good of the gene pool. As history, genetics and Beakerkin's comments above teach us, too much inbreeding leads to physical deformities and severe mental retardation.

beakerkin said...

You sneaky

Your next intelligent comment will no doubt be your first. Obviously you are just soooo clever you need to duplicate lines.

In your case crossing human and jackass clearly did not work.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering. It involves Poland, but it's not getting a coverage in the media (and I can understand why).

luridtraversal said...

Beaktwat: Thanks for your concern sweetheart!!! Have you renounced your citizenship? No I'll keep it, if only to annoy you. And you say Beatroot is condescending and judgemental??? Try looking in a mirror there precious. Someone disagrees with you and according to you they should renounce their citizenship. Wow. You are truly enlightened sir. As for being "to ignorant and mediocre to make a living in the states", I did just fine before coming to Poland. As for being a dullard, well, that may be, I never finished university, I'm just a lowly Chef, but at least I have a wonderful family and a good life. You however, still suck. Good luck fighting the communist conspiracy. Big kisses sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

anon, I'm not sure as to the extent to which the trajedy/ probable hate crime involves Poland. True, the marine was born in Poland and emigrated to Brooklyn (Greenpoint?) in the US with his parents (I assuming that although I just saw his mother being interviewed).

sneaky, I've often sorta thought the same thing as you although I'd go with preferential rather than manditory -- although I'm sure you were just being lighthanded. At the same time, I don't know how widely that cultural bridge can be crossed. Looking at the Polish-born marine's myspace page, I noticed that he had at least a bit of an affintity to hip-hop culture. And I wouldn't be surprised if the woman had learned to love pierogi and speak a smattering of Polish.

It's mighty strange to me but that's the way it is for most Polish immigrant teenagers in the US and Canada growing into adulthood. At the same time, most of them remain relatively racist given the cues from their parents, at least vis-a-vis my experience. They listen to gangsta rap, wear big t-shirts and their hats crooked, sport a bit of bling but still hate black folks.

Anonymous said...

Except by the majority that voted for him... and the growing majority that will vote for him in 2012. 70-30% among young folks voted for Obama. You are a dinosaur, Beaky, taking your last steps on the road to extinction.

Beaky: "Obama will be fought at every junction by real Americans."

beakerkin said...


See if you can remain gainfully employed abroad. Maybe you can find employment as a comedic punchline
for the salonistas.

Unlike the Beatroot who passes judgment on his betters (the Polish
people), my comments are aimed at a
mediocrity. You like the Beatroot could not make it in your own country and need to be more respectful to those you live amongst.

I spent three years in Northern VT.
I did not mix in local politics or
offer opinions even when asked. My
response was to be a good visitor respect the local customs and partake in local events quietly.

Respect the local traditions and the people you live amongst and stop being a dumbass.


Obama was saved by a series of financial collapses. He is doing the best he can to reassure the markets that the freaks from Code Pinko and the Daily Konstipation will be kept as far away from any positions where they can do real damage. He is smart enough to try and placate the Clintons with a token.

Obama's best bet to get a second term is to blunt his Marxist inclinations. The problem is he is an elitist egomaniac who is not quite as clever as you presume. His college grades unlike Bush's are concealed. This is not a big deal as great leaders delegate and rely
on a good team. As Obama is an egomaniac this is improbable.

Just who is "you folks"? Is this the retarded Geez slipping into antisemitism again. "My folks" are
the American people and your comments prove you haven't got a clue as usual.

When the jobs don't appear out of thin air and the paychecks are smaller Obama will get the boot. We
heard this crap in 1976. We heard this when Rudy was forced out by term limits.

The only way Obama survives is if the business cycle picks up and he rides the tide ala Clinton. He has
promised a great deal and will fail
to deliver.

Anonymous said...

Beaky, Beaky, Beaky...

Arguing with you is like trying to convince a meth tweaker that the shadow people are unreal.

You folks meaning folks who voted for McPalin. Y'know the folks you call "the real Americans" as opposed to the unreal Amercians who are in the majority who voted for Obama. But you go off into claims of persecution against me based on your being Jewish. Paranoid?

And calling people who disagree with you retarded as if it is a derogatory term shows your disrespect for Palin's infant son. So stop it, heh? C'mon, just look into your Limburger insult dictionary and I'm sure you will find something.

Rudy was merely forced out by term limits? Term limits aren't stopping the current Mayor of NYC from running again. Rudy failed the victims of 9/11. He would have lost if he ran again.

But he can rise again. Palin-Ghouliani in 2012. I am seriously thinking of changing my party affiliation so I can make sure they win the nod. So we're buddies, Beaky! You and me! Just like Obama and Bill Ayers.

beakerkin said...


In your case retarded is a statement of fact.

Real Americans is abundantly clear and needs no explanation. Those who are off the map are not real Americans.

The entire world praised Rudy's leadership and your comments are proof of your retardation. You have
no clue about the post 9-11 polls.
Bloomberg rode Rudy's popularity into the mayoralty.

Where are Obama's grades? If they were good you would have seen them.

Anonymous said...

Off the map? Last time I looked at the map, the majority of states had a considerable majority of voters for Obama.

Palin-Ghouliani in 2012!

Obama's grades? Even if they were lower than Bush's, which they weren't, they'd still be higher than whatever you got before you flunked out of grade school.

beakerkin said...


The demented left always tries this
game. Where are Obama's grades?

Your comments are more proof of your retardation. Entry into my job requires a 3.0 index and or a top 10% class rating.

Now be a good slave and fetch some

Anonymous said...

BTW, what's your job? Paper shuffler or stall cleaner for the Immigration Service? Only the best and the brightest.

Are Obama's grades really the best shot you have dese daze? I don't know what his grades were at Yale University. What kind of degree did you get?

Now go clean that crap smear on that toilet seat, till it's shiny bright.

Palin-Ghouliani 2012!

beakerkin said...

I already stated the minimum qualifications. Your ignorance is likely due to a genetic condition.

There are obvious reasons that Obama's grades are hidden.

Also try brushing up on repeated studies of grade inflation for certain students for identical work.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you did so well in 5th grade before you hit the skids and flunked out. What was it? Demon alcohol? Drugs? A blow to the head? Genetics finally coming to the fore?

Palin-Ghouliani 2012!

beakerkin said...

Obviously reading comprehension and rational thought are not your strengths.

Be a good slave and fetch the adults
some refreshments.

Anonymous said...

Palin-Ghouliani 2012!

beakerkin said...
Obviously reading comprehension and rational thought are not your strengths.

Anonymous said...

Beatroot, I think you should add one more post to your blog regarding this recent headline, " Poland foreign minister jokes -- "Obama's grandfather was a cannibal"! ", dated Tuesday 18th November, 2008.

The full text:

London, Nov 18 : Poland Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski has allegedly passed racist jibes on US President-elect Barack Obama, saying that his grandfather was a cannibal, and ate a Polish missionary!

An Oxford-educated Sikorski (45) outraged colleagues when he joked that the US President-elect had Polish roots. "His grandad ate a Polish missionary," The Mirror quoted him as saying.

Meanwhile, Opposition leaders in Poland are calling for him to be charged with breaking laws on racism.

Przemyslaw Gosiewski, head of the Law and Justice parliamentary group, said: "We are waiting for proceedings regarding Sikorski's racist statements."

Interestingly, another Poland political leader Artur Gorski, an MP, is already facing a court case for allegedly making racist comments about Obama.
Source: ANI

Since you blasted Gorski for his comments, it is only fair that you do the same to Sikorski on your blog. Fair is fair, right?

Anonymous said...

Not even Beaky is that dumb.

Did Sikorski really say these things?

What is ANI?

Anonymous said...

ge'ez said: "Did Sikorski really say these things?"

Apparently so, it's in today's (Tuesday, November 18, 2008) "Telegraph" daily of the UK. The article is entitled, "Poland denies Barack Obama cannibal 'joke'".

Here is the story:

In an episode that could potentially strain relations between Warsaw and Washington, Radek Sikorski, an Oxford-educated politician who has lived in the US, was reported to have made the jibe by an opposition politician, Ryszard Czarnecki.

Writing in his blog, Mr Czarnecki, an MEP, quoted the foreign minister as saying: "Have you heard that Obama may have a Polish connection? His grandfather ate a Polish missionary."

A spokesman for the Polish foreign office conceded that Mr Sikorski had made the controversial comment, but denied that the foreign minister had intended to insult Mr Obama, whose father was Kenyan.

"Mr Sikorski did not tell a racist joke," said Piotr Paszkowski, the spokesman. "He was only giving an example of the unpalatable and racist 'jokes' that surround President Elect Obama."

Donald Tusk, the Polish prime minister, has made no comment on the affair. It appears that Mr Sikorski's position is not under threat despite calls from opposition politicians for an investigation to deter if the foreign minister broke anti-racism laws.

The derogatory comment about Mr Obama's family may also have become common staple in Polish political circles. Wojciech Olejniczak, the leader of Poland's main Left-wing party, the SLD, alleged that he first heard it from Jaroslaw Kaczynski, a Right-wing former prime minister and twin brother of the Polish president, Lech Kaczynski.

Anonymous said...

It appears he said it but is unclear in what context, with what intent, and for what purpose.

In any event, it makes the entire Polish political scene look like it is composed of neaderthals and dunces.

Czarny Kot said...

1) Anyone calling Obama a 'pinko', 'commie' or 'far-left' either doesn't know what they are talking about or they are shit-stirring.

2) Virtually everyone I know here in Poland was happy to see Obama win. Of course, I can only speak for those I know but opinion polls before the election showed 65% of Poles were supporting him. Not as many as in most other countries but hardly indicative of a nation composed mainly by ultra-catholic racists.

3) The sterotype of Poles as racists and bigots IS exaggerated in certain 'liberal circles' in Western Europe. This does not mean that many people DO hold these views. The comments of Gorski and Sikorski are sadly unsurprising. Stanislaw Tym has written a short but interesting piece in 'Polityka' magazine in which he discusses some of the reactions to Obama's victory from the more conservative sections of the Polish media. According to one 'expert' Poles should naturally identify with the Confederacy in the US Civil War because they were valiantly defending their 'route to development and lifestyle'. And slavery of course.....

Anonymous said...

Good post, cz@rny kot. I hope you stick around here and develop your own blog as well, which I see you've just set up. I'll look forward to reading your informed and insightful commentary. And your stuff, too, Ewa. It's commentary I'd only see touched upon in the English language media about Polish affairs. (I'm too lazy to struggle through reading Polish and have no ambition to get any better at it).

Anonymous said...

Sikorski behaved stupidly and deserves to have heaps of shit dump on him for this, to get himself into this predicament indicates poor judgement or too much vodka. The prime minister should ask for his resignation or better yet he should apologize and offer his resignation.

Ryszard Czarnecki obviously had his motives for revenge or settling old scores with Sikorski and did so with little regard for Poland. It would be interesting to find out more about this guy, did he do this on his own or is someone else pulling the strings. If you’re stupid enough to hand your enemies ammunition you may not be smart enough to look after foreign relations.

Sikorski loss to Poland would not be a problem if as I suspect the new administration plans to knife Poland anyway. That would be three times in the last hundred years we got fucked by the US and as Sikorski was a key figure in Poland’s close relationship with the US his departure would be appropriate in terms the failed foreign policy direction the country took.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I got this right, 57. Your gubmint can't act as a lickspittle for the neocons anymore coz the neocons are shit out of luck. There's Sikorski doing his little song and dance in DC now giving a speech about how great Obama is for Europe. He'll get a bit of applause but then on a person-to-person basis his tongue will fall off trying to explain his faux pax and then he'll be sent packing. When he gets home all down and out, you'll kick him in the ass and blame Obama for fucking you.

Anonymous said...

Generally yes you got right. But saying “the neocons are shit out of luck” is not exactly correct, we just can’t call them neocons anymore. If you note from the campaign Obama has made the customary assurances regarding Israel and the Middle East so its business as usual. Do you think Obama’s exit plan from Iraq is going to be at variance with the deal just worked out with the Iraqi government?

The question now is what will the new policy be with respect to the missiles and associated commitments to Poland. With the associated commitments being more important than the missiles. When Obama escalates the Afghan war into Pakistan, I guess they’ll want more Polish Soldiers because nobody from France or Germany is going to show up, do I hear the phrase lets cut a deal?

Lets just touch on the bullshit war on terror, which not one of your allies actually believes in with the exception of Israel whom I don’t see sending troops to help you out in Afghanistan. Even the British are making noises that they had enough. You should ask yourself if having zero support in the world is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

There's a big difference between neocon policies of preemptive intervention, spreading the war, and expanding the American empire and policies simply supportive of the defense of Israel. As far as Iraq is concerned, I don't know what to expect given it's potential volatility but my guess is that Obama will honor written and signed agreements, which Sikorski prolly didn't have vis-a-vis anything.

"The way to go" is not to get involved in foreign wars unless we get the support of allies up front because it is in their interest to get involved as well as ours, not contingent on any side deals.

Anonymous said...

geez said “There's a big difference between neocon policies of preemptive intervention, spreading the war, and expanding the American empire and policies simply supportive of the defense of Israel.”

No, its one in the same for all their rhetoric the actual deeds point to something else, Iraq wasn’t about WMDs it was about Israel. It was about securing the future by removing one belligerent Arab regime and had that been successful they would have used Iraq to get at Syria and Iran. With Egypt already bought off by American taxpayers Israel’s security problems would be greatly reduced. Instead the occupation turns into a catastrophe Syria remains in place and Iran’s position is strengthened. It will not be long after the US exits Iraq that the Iran’s will have overwhelming influence Iraq.

The American policy old and new in the Middle East are just fiscally stupid, it would have been cheaper to buy out the assets of every Israeli and allow them to move to the US than what has been done to date which is completely against American interests.

What America needs is an American foreign policy but it will not get one under Obama anymore than it could have had one under Bush.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it was more about oil with a sprinkling of testosterone, although Israel certainly factored into it. To be sure, I'm not thrilled by Obama's selection of Clinton folk for his cabinet. But the second a politician is elected, he or she goes into reelection mode. These selections may well reflect avoiding another showdown with Hillary four years hence. But I don't think Obama will be disposed to pre-emptive wars nor will he be so quick to get involved in other wars. So that is a pretty big difference in terms of foreign policy vis-a-vis Bush and the neo-cons.

Anonymous said...

Geez said: “But I don't think Obama will be disposed to pre-emptive wars nor will he be so quick to get involved in other wars. So that is a pretty big difference in terms of foreign policy vis-a-vis Bush and the neo-cons.”

I agree that Obama is not likely to start new wars because firstly the US is effectively broke and fully committed in it resources to wrap up in Iraq and transfer resources to Afghanistan where it is likely the war will spill over to Pakistan. Obama has boxed himself in with respect to Iran in that he has assured all parties concerned he would act if the Iranians manage to build an atomic weapon. There is where American credibility gets kicked in the head as Israel can have over a hundred nuclear weapons while no Islamic country may develop any such capability, you call that leadership.

Lets call the term “pre-emptive wars” mere propaganda in so far as they planned to convince the public the wars were to prevent an impending act of aggression. Iraq had not recovered from the first gulf war and was not able to take offensive action against the US or it allies. The idea was really regime change to reshape the Middle East into something the US and Israel could live with. And yes it also meant better access to the oil resources. However as a consequence of the last Iraq war the area is more unstable and dangerous.

Metka by Traczka said...

Ha! ha! ha! I have enlarged the photo and what I saw was a jigsaw puzzles with the Polish Constitution (May 3rd one) on his right hand.
No wonder he talks such a gibberish when he learns his country history through jigsaw puzzles!

I loved the one about his sara Palin galsses :-)

Metka by Traczka said...

Ha! ha! ha! I have enlarged the photo and what I saw was a jigsaw puzzles with the Polish Constitution (May 3rd one) on his right hand.
No wonder he talks such a gibberish when he learns his country history through jigsaw puzzles!

I loved the one about his sara Palin galsses :-)

Anonymous said...

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