Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Poland’s teletubby ombudsman hangs up handbag

Ewa Sowinska, who leapt (big foot first) into international infamy when she accused a Teletubbie of being gay, has resigned from her post as Children’s Ombudsman.

She had to - she was going to be sacked by the government and parliament, anyway. Her critics say she is only concerned, not with the welfare of kids, but pushing her League of Polish Families catholic-nationalist type agenda whenever she can.

And she can try and laugh it off, but calls for gays not to be allowed to work with children - perhaps she wants a kind of sexual orientation lustration process? - and the time when she was concerned over Tinky Winky’s sexual and emotional wellbeing will always be what she will be remembered for.

More on the background to this on the excellent Uzar News.


Unknown said...

Goodbye & good riddance! Since there were rumors that Jan Gross could be prosecuted for slandering the fatherland, perhaps this dimwit should be prosecuted for reviving the ghost of Archie Bunker (although that guy was at least funny and.. not real)

Anonymous said...

Beet, need to clarify the "lustration" issue with you. I personally prefer "vetting" - more accurate and a better equivalent. Lustration smells more of Roman water rituals to me. ;-)

I recommend the interesting explanation of this problem on a fave of mine, Transubstantiation:

beatroot said...

Just imagine - the government of this country was once left for people like her to run. Not so long ago. But it was fun.

Vetting sounds like something you do to your cat.

On second thoughts...maybe you are right, in this case.

michael farris said...

I prefer the term lustration (awful and ungainly as it is).

Vetting implies a background check for a specific position that a person will likely receive if said vetting does not turn up anything untoward. You don't vet an office holder for a position they already have.

Lustration in its broadest application is essentially a test of political purity and more often than not has been used as a weapon intended to (try to) remove a person from a position they already hold.

Vetting is usually done by someone connected with the person or insitution choosing the person to fill the position.

Lustration (in Poland) has been carried out haphazardly often by people with no standing (to misuse a legal term) in the cases in question .

Lustration is a unique enough process to deserve its own word.

Damien Moran said...

Re. lustration, I agree. It's a very common term amongst those who have an iota about religious rituals et al. though for Polish people reading your blog BR it's probably a good idea to use the easily identified term. How about coining a new term altogether - 'vlustrating.'

Do those who speak Polglish have a special word for vetting and lustration?

Anyhow, what is the source of that picture you have used. She looks like she is tickling his arse with her right hand, hence his peculiar 'mona-lisa like' smile. And why the hell is she so bleedin' happy in this photo. Was it taken after she had just robbed him from a shop in the Sejm and just before she decapitated him in the ladies toilet?

I'm genuinely interested!

michael farris said...

Maybe not so completely off topic ...

Does Sowinska realize just how much she looks like a stereotypical lesbian?

True, many lesbians don't look like the stereotype and some stereotypically lesiban looking women aren't, but ... it's like she's daring someone to point out the resemblance.

Which is related to the other vital issue of bad hair, an area in which Polish politicians are the undisputed champions of Europe (maybe the world).

beatroot said...

Yeah, the bad hair Polish politician is getting me down, too. I mean, Anna Fotyga? Etc.


Things were so bad once that the newspapers were describing Aleksandra Jakubowska as being ‘good looking’. That’s desperate. Scary!


But there are not too many hunky male MPs either, so let’s not invite people who look like Sowinska to say the beatroots are …oppressive, or something.

michael farris said...

Just to be clear I was referring (if anything) more to male politicians with bad hair than female ones (though Sowinska's is pretty bad).

Damien Moran said...

This was Jerry Falwell's fate after creating the storm all them years ago:

Anonymous said...

Michael, I sincerely hope you are not being moustachist here. There is no room for your kind of anti-Putritists in a modern civilised country.


The same goes for the venomous band of anti-Palikotians!


michael farris said...

I'm actually sort of a fan of the Putrastache (like lustration, an institution so unique it deserves its own word in English).

But the Palikot bouffant makes him look like he was auditioning for Hairspray.

Embattled mayor of Poznan Ryszard Grobelny has also had his shair of baaaaad hair days.


Frank Partisan said...

Jerry Falwell who graduated to become a rotted corpse, started the issue.

beakerkin said...

Who put the Geez voodoo doll in the picture?

The comments were stupid but not quite as stupid as the show itself.

Here we go again with a member of the cult of Trotsky bashing Falwell. Falwell made a few stupid comments most of which he appologized for. Trotsky was a butcher and a war criminal.

beatroot said...


Anonymous said...

read this


beatroot said...

That's how kids behave. I see them alot going around the shopping mall near the old Jewish quarter in warsaw - acting the arse like kids do. But they are no different from other kids on a school trip.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at beatroot.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?


Anonymous said...

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