Sunday, March 02, 2008

New blog on Poland online

Polandian is a new collaborative site by bloggers writing in the English language about Poland.

As you can see I am down as one of the bloggers included. But due to having no time or energy at all for even more writing at the moment I have not had time to add anything as yet, and my contributions will be infrequent.

Still, give it a try – it’s really rather good.


Anonymous said...

Truer words were rarely spoken.


Frank Partisan said...

I'm leaving a comment there.

Anonymous said...

It looks quite informative?

But I would need to spend some considerable time reading it all:-(

Time I haven't got right now

Personally I think I will just stay here for all the expert news and reliable gossip :-)

Is x

BEING HAD said...

I just read it. I think they need some editorial guidence. And a real sence of humor, not one made of toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

Any volunteers to show us the path to editorial excellence while navigating our way out of the toilet? ;)

Anonymous said...

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