Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Are you a sex addict alcoholic?

Well, if you are reading this then you are, according to former prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Bless.

Plans by the government to introduce voting via the internet have alarmed Jaroslaw. He thinks that anyone who hangs around on the web is a deviant.

On his Law and Justice party web site Kaczynski says: “I am not an enthusiast of the idea that a young person can sit in front of a computer, watching movies and pornography, drinking beer, and then vote when he feels like it. The act of voting should be serious, conscious and demanding some activity.”

Are you a drunken sex maniac?

But I agree. Politics should be about engagement. But someone should get Jaroslaw a communications director and stop him making statements so dumb. He reflects the small town view here among the many not connected, that the internet is the devil incarnate.

They have heard stories, but have never used the web. Internet reach is limited in Poland. And those folk are Kaczynski's political base. They will ignore the positive benefits for many workers – like disabled people who can now work from home, and demonstrated by callers to the TVN 24 news station today, outraged at being called drunken alcoholics by Kaczynski.

The present Donald Tusk government has been scratching its head (and considering this government is not the most active in the history of governments, probably picking and flicking its collective nose) about how to increase turnout at election time in Poland. If over fifty three percent turn out for election time (as they did in the last election in October last year) then that is seen as a ‘success’. Poles, many of them, are not amazed by democracy.

And the reasons for low turnout - which is connected with the collapse of meaningful politics - will not be tackled simply by a click on a mouse.


Anonymous said...

I want to send him a letter does anyone have the address?

Dear Jaroslaw,

Do you understand why your unemployed, and Donald is sitting in your chair? It’s because you’re a fucking pathetic Luddite.

At present I am watching an amazing Polish girl, fuck senseless two very “large” looking guys and perform some amazing gymnastics in the process, while I guzzle beer endlessly. However I should point out to you that I have taken a moment to reflect on the sad condition of Poland’s political classes and the resulting socio-economic consequence of not clubbing your kind to death in the cradle. Trust me you are not the poster boy for the anti-abortion movement.

Do not worry about people who use the Internet and voting.

Should my circumstances change and I found myself living in a monastery without the Internet, reading a medieval text in dim candlelight while Father Rydzyk butt fucks me; you still won’t get my vote.

Say hello to your mom and the cat for me.

Best regards,

Just a Polish Internet user

Brad Zimmerman said...

Anonymous: might want to get that translated into Polish. Unlike Tusk, I don't think the ducks speak English.

Dying said...

So the man thinks people will make a decision in the moment of drinking beer and watching porn...
How narrow-minded.
Like no one takes months to reflect on who you want to vote for and read news, blogs, proposals etc.
I doubt one will feel pushed to make a decision on the very night when you want some fun and good 'ol beer.
I still like my beer in front of my computer. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear:-(

Is it time Jaroslaw entered the real world:?

Just which world is he in?

Is he still feeding ducks and getting his Mum to look after his pocket money?

Does he not realise that the internet is the *Biggest* library in the world? and easy to access in your own home?

Such a sad character - it's truly frightening:-(

Is x

sonia said...

This story is all over the Net. Even Instapundit wrote about it. Jaroslaw The Country Bumpkin is a laughing stock from New York to Sydney...

michael farris said...

I didn't bookmark it at the time, but had a headline where Kaczynski was trying to backtrack by claiming that he wasn't trying to insult 'internauts' because he was one himself ... the mind boggles.

beatroot said...

Do you think he is into cat porn?

Anonymous said...

Maybe his concerns were genuinely directed at people becoming involved on the internet at the dire expense of face-to-face human (and other animal) relationships.

Just wondering...

To what extent have cyberchurches sprung up anywhere?

Seems the big movement now, at least hereabouts in the US, is towards megamall churches with giant screen TVs for altars.

Is an interet connected computer screen be next? And if so, will folks opt just to stay at home in from of their own monitors?

beatroot said...

Maybe he is blaming his bad performance in the last election campaign on the fact that he is addicted to cat porn sites?

Anonymous said...

Cat-cat or cat-human?

Anonymous said...

Err - where can I see these cat porn sites? ;-)

Is x

michael farris said...

"Cat-cat or cat-human?"

Insert your own Jarosław and pussy joke here.

Anonymous said...

Just no kitty porn, heh?

beatroot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beatroot said...

Err - where can I see these cat porn sites? ;-)

I'm not looking...but I saw a magazine called 'Playpig' once. It was the same as Playboy, with centre fold etc, the only difference was that it was full of pigs in cammy knickers....