Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Polish NASA?

Surly some mistake? But no: a cross party group has decided to set up a Polish rival to NASA. Well, not really a rival to it, but at least have one that rivals...Italy’s space agency [I didn't know they had one, either]. So will we see a Polish Space Shuttle powering off the launch pad at Warsaw airport anytime soon?

No. The project is a little more modest than that. But let’s hope it’s not a Polish version of Galileo – not the EU’s finest hour.

But while Brussels’ has a Galileo complex, Warsaw must have a Copernicus complex. At present Poland spends just 7 million euro on space research – a little less than NASA’s budget of 16 billion dollars. But this hasn’t stopped parliamentarians from having sky high ambitions. Astronomia.pl takes up the story:

According to "Polska" daily newspaper, Polish deputies gathered in the Outer Space Team are planning to set up a national space agency, similar to the American NASA.

Poland participates in the PECS (Plan for European Cooperating State Charter) programme carried out by the European Space Agency, yet in this way Poland spends only a small fraction of all EU funds allocated for space research […]

The idea of a Polish space agency is supported by deputies from different political parties. Yet, the route to such an agency is very long, taking into account the fact that Poland does not even have its own satellite in space.

Well…quite. ‘Could take time’ as it ‘doesn’t even have a satellite...’

And I love the idea of there being a Polish parliamentary ‘Outer Space Team’!

Team? I thought the whole parliament was from out of this world.

Basically, this is Polish MPs trying to think of ways to get more money out of the EU. The whole of Poland is doing it. I am going to be working on a project this year to try and get some single currency out of Brussels. But it is a good idea, with a ‘social’ angle...so I’m entitled.

But what have the Poles been doing in 2007 with their 7 million euros? Fortunately, the same astronomia.pl provides us with a summary of the year:

A discovery of an extrasolar planet, participation in astronomical projects, as well as numerous successes of Polish students within international educational projects make up only a part of a summary of the year 2007 as regards Polish astronomy.

But that’s good. Discovering planets is one of the Poles’ greatest talents. They are at the forefront of planet discovery, in fact. Maybe they just have good eyesight?

But I wonder if Polish astronomers this New Year did the same as those wacky guys last year.

In mid-January, on the occasion of the Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, the radiotelescope situated in Piwnice near Torun sent a radio signal to nearby stars with greetings to any extraterrestrial civilisations.
Wacky! Maybe the legacy of Copernicus has left stars in those Polish eyes.


Anonymous said...

We did try to launch our own satellite. Unfortunately, the rocket ran out of coal in mid-flight.
And Copernicus has not left any stars in Polish eyes. According to Wikipedia, he was not Polish. He was European.
BTW, without looking it up, what does NASA stand for? Anyone? I am almost sure you got it wrong...

Brad Zimmerman said...

A Polish NASA? They already have so many ways in which to pocket money, skim funds, give out free lunches to their friends and otherwise abuse the taxpayers.

If Poland wants to get more involved in space they simply ought to give some decent funding to a few universities to create the next generation of astrophysicists.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations. You have written a post which is completely clueless and filled with prejudice. I'd expect more from a supposedly enlightened European lecturing dark Polish massess.

In case you didn't know, you are already using a lot of space-based services. You are browsing the Internet? Oh, your data may go accross some satellite link along the way. Have in-car navigation system? That's satellite based, baby. Wether forecast? Damn right, they show you images on the TV every night. That's a cable TV?
So you're watching a satellite feed distributed from a local headstation in your neighborhood. You buy a map? It's drawn from satellite pictures. Want to know if the farmers are not cheating on EU dotations? Easy, just purchase the photo of an interesting area in the infrared range and you see who is growing which crops. Going on business to Afghanistan? Don't start without a Thuraya satellite phone.

Heck, can you believe that German farmers already use tractors equipped with OmniStar (augmented accuracy GPS service -- availabe for a modest price of about a thousand EUR per year) to keep an exact track of how their fields are sprayed? You can laugh your ass off at the thought of a satellite-equipped Ursus, but they are laughing on their way to the bank (and so is their service provider).

The point is, my friend, that Poland is currently buying all these services abroad. What's more, we will have to continue buying them, since no modern economy can do without. So if you apply elementary economy to these facts you see that developing your own space presence is a much better business than buying everything abroad.

Also, don't expect Poland to develop its own launch system. It's the most expensive part and launch services are now being offered by Americans, French/ESA, Russians, Chinese and Indians at competitive prices. But having your own satellites is where the real money is.

I have heard of this initiative for the first time about two years ago; I am happy to see it finally taking some form. It will be a great business opportunity -- unless of course the clueless journos (like you) ridicule it to death.

So, next time try to get an effing clue what you are writing about.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, istm, are the folks behind the Polish NASA even envisioning the building of satellites?

The article linked by BR only references these goals:

"allow Polish scientists and engineers to make use of their potential within the framework of international research projects. Moreover, such cooperation could bring tangible benefits to Polish contractors participating in commercial projects."

Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me for the Polish government to invest money in such efforts.

Is that the problem here with some folks? The idea of the gubmint setting up another gubmit agency instead of the money coming from private sources?

Anonymous said...

Is that the problem here with some folks? The idea of the gubmint setting up another gubmit agency instead of the money coming from private sources?

Not at all. All the interesting stuff in Europe is done with gubmint money.

Contrary to the belief of free-market fundamentalists, all the interesting stuff in US is also done with gubmint money, given to private defense contractors.

beatroot said...

Opamp - don;t you think your comments are just a little over the top?

Anonymous said...

BR --

If anything is over the top here, it is your attitude to the idea. Let me quote:

I am going to be working on a project this year to try and get some single currency out of Brussels. But it is a good idea, with a ‘social’ angle...so I’m entitled.

Ah. So project with a 'social' angle is a good idea and worth financing, while a technological one is not.

This is entirely backwards. EU is currently pumping heaps of money into 'social' programs, which produce nothing, except a sense of entitlement in the recipients. You can't develop economy on welfare.

The technological programs are a different animal altogether. They push the technology level up. New production processes have to be developed. New factories built. New jobs created. New people trained. After the program ends, all that remains and starts working for the domestic economy. New products are created. New services are offered. The competitiveness of the national economy increases.

NASA doesn't exist anymore to send people to space. It exists to create spin off companies. And it does: 50 new commercializable products every year for the last 30 years. That's a hell of a comepetitive edge.

There is a lot of EU money available for technological development. Scores of programs. Space, materials, nanotechnology, computer science; even seemingly low tech stuff like agriculture, mining, construction, you-name-it. Poles avoid that like a plague. The technological programs require you to make you own investment and actually develop something marketable. It is much more difficult than providing the unemployed with psychological counselling. But the profits can be huge. I've seen prototype devices which look like lifted from a sci-fi movie. In Germany. France. Sweden. You'll see this stuff on the shop shelves in under ten years.

And what will these your 'programs with a social angle produce'? An unskilled, unemployed underclass, spending their welfare on the aforementioned German/French/Swedish trinklets!

This attitude must be changed. The Polish industry must finally start seeing benefits in technological developments, and not only in worker exploitation. A space program would be a good way.

There is no reason why Poland should be unable to stop being a technological backwater. France did it, Finland did it, Poles can too.

No reason other than stupid inferiority compex, that is.

Anonymous said...

Opamp: Maybe the 'social' angle projects are designed to help Poles who had their sense-of-humor gland removed at birth? Just a thought... Nobody wants to send humorless astronauts to the Milky Way, after all.

Anonymous said...

Cut me a break - is this April Fools? They cannot even get the airport open!

beatroot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beatroot said...

Opamp - have you had irony by-pass surgery, or what?


beatroot said...

Maybe I should explain, Op, why I think his story is just a funny little story. Nothing more. .

What caught my eye was this from astronomia.pl (a reputable Polish site):

According to "Polska" daily newspaper, Polish deputies gathered in the Outer Space Team are planning to set up a national space agency, similar to the American NASA.

Opamp – the Poles are going to build a ‘space agency’ ‘similar to NASA.’?

:-)…No, they are NOT going to be building anything like NASA.

Astronomia ( a POLISH web site) then goes on…

Yet, the route to such an agency is very long, taking into account the fact that Poland does not even have its own satellite in space.

Well, indeed.

And a parliamentary ‘Outer Space Team’ is just funny.

And then when I say: I am going to be working on a project this year to try and get some single currency out of Brussels. But it is a good idea, with a ‘social’ angle...so I’m entitled.

..come on, it’s obvious I am being ironic. But I still do think my project is more worthwhile than anyone elses’…

But I do appreciate your knowledge on the subject. I remember we were chatting about cosmology once (a subject I am actually interested in) and you seemed to know what you were talking about

Basically, the heroes of my little post that I knocked up in ten minutes because I thought it was a funny story – or a story that had been presented as being funny – are Polish planet seekers. Poland has idenitified several new ones over the last few years.

The bad guys are those in control of the EU’s Galileo project. A shambles.

Anonymous said...

BR, your sense of humor just ain't exactly *similar* to the Polish sense of humor.

Also let's not forget how sensitive Poles the world over are to being made to look like dummies in jokes. It's one thing for Nemeczek to crack about the coal running out or anon about the airports not being plowed, but another thing for a non-Pole to do so (even if you are "blood" vis-a-vis your Polish mate)."

Funny stuff aside, are you opposed to a Polish government-funded agency with the purpose of:

"allow(ing) Polish scientists and engineers to make use of their potential within the framework of international research projects. Moreover, such cooperation could bring tangible benefits to Polish contractors participating in commercial projects." ???

beatroot said...

I am very much for much more research into space,generally.

Think back to landing on the moon, not thirty years ago. Fantastic excitment about it - amazing acheivment.

These days they are delighted if the space shuttle gets back from orbit around the Earth without any of its ceiling tiles fallin orf.

Sad how high hopes turned to low expectations.

Anonymous said...

Thing is, if space exploration becomes privatized without something like a NASA directing and regulating it all, all kinds of bad shit will wind up there.

That may happen or be happening anyway with so many other countries launching stuff up there now.

beatroot said...

And what do you imagine NASA is launching up there? Barbie Dolls?

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you consider bad space shit?

I would consider it bad shit if Barbie Dolls and other waste products were orbiting the earth up there.

Or toxic / radioactive wastes.

What other kind of bad shit is up there now? ... I ask altogether naively...

Frank Partisan said...

They should invest in a great telescope.

beakerkin said...


If the Polish people want to create their own agencies, so be it. Poland has the right to develop its future according to the wishes of the Polish people.

This post once again shows your contempt for the people you live amongst. Sorry, but the people of Poland have their own values that are quite different from those of busy body ex-patriates. Perhaps you should learn from the Poles around you instead of lecturing them from Mount Olympus.

The future of Poland should be determined by the Polish people.
Last I checked this does not include smarmy condescending ex-patriates.

I wonder how far this act would go in Hugo's blunderland. How long would it take the faithful to kick the all knowing, amoral and elitist
Beatroot out of the wonderland he endorses.

The fact that the Polish people put up with this arrogance proves that Poland is superior country.

Anonymous said...

Last time I looked, Chavez lost an election and his opponents were neither exiled or thrown in jail.

And now, all so tragicallly, Beakerskin is having fantasies about Beatroot being a Greek God.

Anonymous said...


Astronomia.pl has a poll asking people what they think about the idea. As for now the results are:

it's a great idea, which will help to realize a full potential of our scientists and engineers - 56%

such agency requires much more spending than is available for the Polish science - 36%

it can be postponed, there are more important areas in science and technology that should be developed - 9%

That speaks volumes.

And besides, did you know that nowadays everyone and their cat has a space agency? Bangladesh has one. Peru. Romania. Colombia. Argentina. So, there's nothing megalomaniac about having a space agency.

No, they are NOT going to be building anything like NASA.

Sure not. I wrote that myself (the part about the launch system). NASA is in the text most probably because most readers should know what it is.

And a parliamentary ‘Outer Space Team’ is just funny.

Indeed :-) Probably though, it's a lousy translation of something like Zespół d/s Przestrzeni Kosmicznej which would mean "Workgroup for the matters of the Outer Space" -- a perfectly dry bureaucratic name. But yeah, the translator deserved it. :-)

But the basic problem is that it could have been a very nice post if you researched it correctly. Instead we got a stupid Pole bashing on the intellectual level of the Polish jokes.

Basically, the heroes of my little post that I knocked up in ten minutes because I thought it was a funny story – or a story that had been presented as being funny – are Polish planet seekers. Poland has idenitified several new ones over the last few years.

Oh yeah. Maybe they just have good eyesight? That reeks of respect, surely. Again, a five minutes of googling would show you how this world-level stuff is done. But, no. The Poles did it, they must be doing it withtheir own eyes...

This subject would warrant a more serious post about that, no? Suffice to mention that the first extrasolar planets have been discovered in 1993 by a Pole, Alexander Wolszczan. Think what implications such discovery had. If an American did that, he would get a Nobel prize in physics, or at least a Time magazine cover (and a fiery condemnation from some fundamentalist creationist pastor). Wolszczan got no recognition outside specialist circles. He still works at a third-rate U.S. university. I wonder, what part the anti-Polish prejudice played here?

The prosecution rests.

Anonymous said...

Op wrote:

That speaks volumes.

Well, it tells us that 44% of Poles selected and responding to a poll are not at all keen on the idea of a space agency.

And the prosecuratoral summation doesn't really inform us as to Beatroot's position on the matter, aside from ascertaining that his sense of humor can rankle some folks' sensibilities.

Unless, Mr. Prosecutor, you are so sure what is in his heart-of-hearts, my suggestion would be to get over the Robespierre schtick.

Anonymous said...

The problem with anything 'astro-' and 'cosmo-' is that results of such research, no matter how spectacular to the insiders, have no beneficial impact on the quality of life on this small planet of ours. In any research grant application, potential best-case-scenario benefits need to be explicitly stated - doing research for the sake of it does not cut it. It might be interesting to know what is on the edge of a black hole but, unless you are in a wheelchair and speaking through a voice generator, your discoveries do not even have any entertainment value. Beatroot’s piece tries to fill this void. And once the Lisbon Strategy objectives have been met the European science, we then will be able to focus on more esoteric research – white dwarfs do not feed the aged.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cosmologists and the like, I noticed this in the Wikipedia article on the Marivites:

"It should be noted that at the location of the papal residence at Castel Gandalfo where there is located a noted observatory, that little known ecumenical activities have taken place. In the 1980s observations at Castel Gandalfo were led by a Polish astronomer, who at the same time is a priest and professor of the Old Catholic Church of the Mariavites, Rev. Konrad Maria Pawel Rudnicki. The late Pope John Paul II – a fact without precedence – allowed Rev. Rudnicki to celebrate the Mariavite Mass in his private chapel."

BTW, I've read that 1975 book on the Mariavites and it seems that Bishop Kowalski was quite the horn dog, to say the least. Sure seems like he *initiated* (reportedly a four step process) each of his future priestesses (and more than a few very young lady mandolin players)before assigning and polygamically sharing them with his male priests/bishops.

One of the best things about the book was the author's interviews with some of the children without original sin who came out of these *consecrations* - they were raised communally. Also cool was the interview with Sister Love, who was Kowalski's main love interest who later split from the movement with another priest. Kowalski, y'see was a bit of a tub o'lard (trying to replicate the death belly of Mateczka Kozlowska?). Oh, yea, according to the book's author, it also seems Kowalski used to *initiate* his ladies on the deathbed couch of the Mateczka (where he may also have first had some kind of spirtitual union with her):

Jerzy Peterkiewicz. The Third Adam. London. Oxford University Press, 1975.

I wonder if that couch is still around in Plock or Felicjanow? If so, I hope it's been reupholstered.

beakerkin said...

If THE BEATROOT (what is with the THE
bit more egotism) met Copernicus he would hector him about being an ambitious wannabe American. The Beatroot defines everything on the planet in terms of Americanism. This cartoon like obsession is almost Elmer Fudd like.

Beatwoot: I think I saw an Amewican.
Ooooohhhh I hate them Amewican wascally wabbits.

Casmir: But I am a Polish horse with a work ethic.

Beatwoot: A work ethic and wanting to provide jobs for Poles is Amewicanism. It is far betwer to sip the Jim Jones Koolaide with some wetro Eurocommies in the salon. Don't work, don't punish cwiminals, bring in people who don't work with deadwy communicawble diseases and wead the ecomowist wike me.

Casmir: But I want a better Poland for my family and people.

Beatwoot: That's pwimative Amerwicanism. Next thing you know you'll be in Church and wistening to Fox news.

Casmir: You have a problem with Church?

Beatwoot: No I wike the age of weason. The athesists are just so well behaved aside from guwags, guiolitines and cwass genocide.

Casmir: That seems like a bit to overlook.

Beatwoot: You weally shouldn't think for yourswelf. Indiwiduality is a bad things let your bettwers think for you.

Casmir: I am my own Polish horse.

Beatwoot: Pwimative Amerwican bwainwashed impostwer.

The Beatroot is a cartoon

Anonymous said...

Fweakerfwuk can't even spell the Americanized version of Kazimierz.

It's Casimir, Fweak.

And I hear that Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests has begun to confront Ghouliani on the campaign trail protesting his continuted employment of his childhood friend Alan Placa, a priest who has been accused of molesting one child and using his lawyer skills to help a diocese keep other molestation incidents under wraps.

beakerkin said...

The spwelling misthakes are pwart of the Beatwoot comedwy thircus. Even in immigwation we don't see too many Casimirs. We do see alot of kids named Lenin and Stalin by stoopid people in watin Amewika. Funny but nobody wecalls any named Twatsky.

Sorry but this defining everything in terms of Americanism is quite funny. Perhaps the Beatroot should go into stand up comedy.

I think The Beatroot as Elmer Fudd telling Casimir the Polish horse how to be an enlightened Pole would be a great cartoon. Perhaps we can add a female Boguslawa the cat.

Al least you got the ding dong part correct.

Poland deserves better expatriates
than this crew.

Meg Q said...

BTW, without looking it up, what does NASA stand for? Anyone? I am almost sure you got it wrong...

I *think* it's either the National Administration for Space and Aeronautics OR the National Aeronautics and Space Administration - leaning towards the second . . . lemme go Google . . .


Yup, it's the second one. Never can keep the "A" words straight. I *should* know that, given that every time we went to Galveston or visited family in Houston, we had to go out to the Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake. My sister and I used to joke, "Clear Lake, we have a problem!" . . . buuuut none of our friends thought it was funny.

The freeze-dried ice cream was always fun, though. And the retro logo still rocks.

By ancestry, Kopernik was half what we would call German, half-Polish. More or less. It's still debated today. As to nationality, that wasn't really a concept that existed in his time, but through his whole life he was a faithful subject of the Polish king, in a time of shifting political *and* religious alliances. So, take your pick. I pick German-Pole (i.e., a Pole of influential German ancestry). (P.S. read Wikipedia again - I don't think it says he was "European". Though, in a sense, he was that, too.)

Anonymous said...

meg q:
I guess most Europeans, especially from non-English speaking countries, would think of NASA as something ‘North American’ or ‘North Atlantic’ by analogy with NATO...
The Wikipedia entry on Copernicus is in constant flux. It is apparent from the discussion and archive pages that there are two camps promoting their own views. In the past NC was described as a Pole, a German, or a European - now he is of no nationality. In the current entry on NC's nationality, the references to his Polishness are always put in quotation marks. It is a standard trick used by writers who want to help their readers to distinguish the truth from the alleged truth. I wish Colbert and his crew got involved (as they did with the entry for elephant)...

luridtraversal said...

It's very comforting knowing that Comrade Beakertwat is looking out for our Purity of Essence, and protecting the good ol' U. S. of A against all us wacky and zany commies who are out to fluoridate EVERYTHING!!!! I want to fluoridate ice cream. Children's ice cream Mandrake!!! Beakertwat...do you believe that when you're engaged in the physical act of love women are after your essence or power? Just curious. But now I have to get back to spreading fluoridation throughout the world!!!! Maybe we'll name our child Hugo as well...hmmmmmmmm. Now we just have to finish setting up our commie fluoridation cell in Wyoming, and the world is ours!!!!!!!!!!!! mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

1) Those fucking Germans should stop vandalizing Wikipedia, Copernicus was Polish.

2) Fluoridation is good; it prevents the creation of toothless liberals.

3) When a committee decides its safe to fly in a space shuttle with a defective heat shield, NASA stands for Need Another Seven Astronauts.

4) Should Polish astronomer conduct their work in secret as past experience indicates they run afoul of the Catholic Church?

In 1633 Galileo Galilei was convicted of grave suspicion of heresy for "following the position of Copernicus, which is contrary to the true sense and authority of Holy Scripture," and was placed under house arrest for the rest of his life.

5) Beatroot you have an opportunity of having a street named after you in Rzeszów, of course you should use beakerkin for a reference.

In an effort to rename streets and institutions the following are being considered:

Jaruzelski School of Labour Relations

Kania Institute for Human Rights

General Walter – Polish / Ukrainian Friendship Society

beakerkin said...


Remain where you are. The United States does not need you. I think the next bit will add a low testoterone
self hating American skunk named Lurid. I will add a rabid demented monkey named Geez.

The Beatroot does not understand the Polish people want the best for their country. They desire the creation of high tech jobs as opposed to endless saftey nets. The Beatroot often writes inane stuff to please his mindless peers on the
left. Any serious discussion should
begin with is this a good way to build future jobs for Poland.

A society that wants to create jobs
is a good development. This may not be the best way to foster growth, but it is an interesting idea.

Perhaps the next one will be to send far left American Educators in Poland to North Korea. No doubt, Lurid's students have a perfect subject for "dumb American" jokes.

Anonymous said...

It's not that you have a high testoterone (sic) level, Tweakertwit. You just don't have a human outlet for your sexual frustrations. And I enjoy shaking the jar in which you crawl around.

luridtraversal said...

Beakertwat: how many more times are you going to tell me to stay in POland? It's honestly getting boring...

Back to planning up some new collective farming plans and other nefarious activities!!!!

luridtraversal said...

And I'm not a "far-left" American educator...I'm a far-left travel agent. I teach English just from time to time now. Nice one though.

Anonymous said...

As i expected Poles are inherently racist; judging by the attacks on our British asian community that is ,it would seem it's not only the bnp who are concerned with the level of immigration from our eastern neighbours but the entire asian community from our northern mill towns...they're not happy poor souls.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: “As i expected Poles are inherently racist; judging by the attacks on our British asian community”

What an inaccurate and insensitive generalization if you have been following this Blog then you would have seen all the people that came forward to defend, support and or apologize for Simon Mole. A person of colour involved in a controversy. See all the caring and feeling liberals we have amongst us.

By some estimations an outright surplus of these types.

As far as attacks on the Asian community, what cheap narcotics are you on? As everyone knows the threats and the aggression has come from the Asian community in nearly every instance. When this community, which has become only all too British, saw people prepared to work for a living and not stick their hand out for social assistance (welfare) then they went a little crazy.

Some British papers have even suggested that our lads are pursuing asian women, which is causing friction. Who knows maybe the ladies are taken by a culture that doesn’t have to issue a fire extinguisher as a wedding gift.

Prove you point shows us the statistics?

Ok you dumb shit what does this have to do with a Polish space agency?

Anonymous said...

Who posting on this blog defended, supported or apologized for Mol?

And you're once again proving what a racist you are 57, only this time vis-a-vis Asians.

Anonymous said...

As everyone knows the threats and the aggression has come from the Asian community in nearly every instance...

I rest my case,point proven...racist!!!

beakerkin said...

What is this garbage about Poles being racist? In any crowd of large people one can find a few wingnuts.
The comment itself is bigoted and illogical.

Lurid, as a travel agent book yourself a trip to North Korea. Leave your Polish wife behind as her only crime is having dreadful taste in almost men.

You can see the wonders of Communism first hand. Then go South and notice the difference. Then remain in North Korea as a court jester.

luridtraversal said...

Instead of North Korea, I think I'll move back to the good ole U.S. of A., and teach Social Studies to your future children. Either that or set up a super duper secret commie cell in Rhode Island!!! And then we will drink the blood of the infants while masturbating alternatively to pictures of Geoge W., and Stalin. With a little Pol Pot thrown in for the kink!!! Beakertwat. You're an idiot. I recommend you watch Dr. Strangelove and take notes. There's a character in that movie who you've obviously adopted as your personality. In actuality you jackass I'm probably more conservative than yourself. But you're too dumb to notice. You're a sad pathetic person. You really remind me of people who went to University in the States and discovered that they could have shock value and piss people off if they pretended to be a conservative. Good luck with it. You're a moron, but you're certainly entertaining. I eagerly await your next comment informing me to stay where I am, or go to some communist shit-hole...

Maybe, just for me you could come up with something new??? Pretty please comrade? With butter and cheese?????

Anonymous said...

Talk about an idle threat:

Instead of North Korea, I think I'll move back to the good ole U.S. of A., and teach Social Studies to your future children.

luridtraversal said...

Mao said: "Talk about an idle threat"

How exactly is that an idle threat friend? I actually happen to be a social studies teacher and an American citizen. Last I checked I can move back whenever I would like. Please feel free to inform me of my own intentions from now on though!!!

Anonymous said...

geez you piece of shit knee jerk liberal!

How do you arrive on racist from my comment, please explain your logic, which is if someone with your limited education is capable of reason and logic. Did you loose your mind when your priest butt fucked you as a child?

Anonymous please strangle your mother, as your birth is a crime against nature.

So far nearly all support agencies and community groups in the Polish community in the UK are reporting vandalism and assaults against the polish community. These are occurring in the poor neighbourhoods the newcomers have to reside in. These areas have large asian communities, which view the Poles as economic competition.

Anonymous said...

jannowak57:They have to reside in poor neighbourhoods?What fukin pills are you popping?No they don't,no ones FORCING them to live there.ffs...racist t***t.!!!!

Anonymous said...

lurid, the return to America, teaching bit didn't seem necessarily idle to me. The bit about Fweakerfwat having kids, though... a bit far-fetched, doncha think?

Anonymous said...

These comments of yours are indicative of the abundant racism you harbor, 57:

"When this community ... saw people prepared to work for a living and not stick their hand out for social assistance (welfare) then they went a little crazy."

"Who knows maybe the ladies are taken by a culture that doesn’t have to issue a fire extinguisher as a wedding gift."

And again, who posting on this blog defended, supported or apologized for Mol, as you claim?

beakerkin said...

The rabid monkey Geez likes to post about his ding dong and is worried about my proclivities.


The United States of America does not need you. You are superfluous and should think of a career change. Perhaps you can find a job in the Polish Insane Asylum that lets Geez on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Can't read all of the above of course but Opamp is the author of both the following comments:

"You can't develop economy on welfare,"


"contrary to the belief of free-market fundamentalists, all the interesting stuff in US is also done with gubmint money, given to private defense contractors"

Government money given to private defense contractors sounds a lot like welfare to me.

Anonymous said...

Sounds even more like "socialism for the rich, and capitalism for the poor."

-- quote by lotsa people

Anonymous said...

Seems even more that Polish right wingnuts are still commies at heart.

Shake, shake, shake.

-- KC and he Sunshine Band

luridtraversal said...

Oops, sorry. My mistake Mao!!! Beakertwat having children is an idle threat I think...

Anonymous said...

geez you pathetic phoney, you should renounce your religious affiliation to Catholicism.

There is an overwhelming body of evidence showing the church’s long history of association and support for fascists and nazis political causes. Not to mention complicity in helping these people avoid justice.

I suspect from how freely you toss around the word “nazis” that you would not like to be tarred with the same brush.

Here’s your chance to publicly renounce Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

First yet another chance, 57, for you to respond to my already twice-posted query:

"Who posting on this blog defended, supported or apologized for Mol, as you claim?"

Meg Q said...

1. Well, I'm sure the Canadians wouldn't appreciate being lumped into NASA (although the CSA and NASA work closely on many projects):

2. Pfft. Of course I think Copernicus is Polish - don't I always get those Torun gingerbreads with him on the wrapper at the local Polish store? ;^) But, no, seriously, in modern terms you've got to say he was Polish. And argumentum ad wikipediam is one of the great logical fallacies of our time.

3. Don't you guys ever take a break from slagging each other? Or assuming whatever another commenter says is a deep personal insult, when it wasn't about you at all? (Ooooh, I'll get it for that one, now.)

beakerkin said...

The usual mindless types forget that military and space spending often lead to civilian products. Poland as a normal nation seeks to foster growth.

It is amazing how mindless leftists defend endless social spending at home become fiscal conservatives as soon as anything is spent for defense or space. Of course it is much better to keep the poor in their place so their betters can rule them.Of course they defend excessive military spending in Cuba
or Hugo's blunderland.

beatroot said...

Don't you guys ever take a break from slagging each other? Or assuming whatever another commenter says is a deep personal insult, when it wasn't about you at all? (Ooooh, I'll get it for that one, now.)

I do apologize for the personalization of issues which, of course, have nothing to do with any of us, individually. But we are not usually this personal - it is a left over from a recent post, the name of which I do not even want to bother saying as it sparks of atavist comments.

So apologies and I hope the guys get back some manners soon...

Anonymous said...

Ah-hah, so you're offhandedly admitting your Polish NASA post was atavistic, you "clueless and filled-with-prejudice". . . "supposedly enlightened European, lecturing (the) dark Polish massess"?

Anonymous said...

Beakerkin wrote:
"The usual mindless types forget that military and space spending often lead to civilian products. Poland as a normal nation seeks to foster growth."

Sure, but why not cut out the middleman?

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...


Jorge said...

I am really astonished to read such collection of comments from ignorant contributors.

Space science is used in every day life, starting with the telecommunications we use for posting these messages. A country like Poland, by the way, that suffers from flood hazard, needs specialists in remote sensing interpreting.... SATELLITE DATA which leads to analyse which land hosts more or less risk for population. Border controls, forest fire inventary, subsidence or uplift due to mining and oil industry...

Really, guys, before you open your mouth, try to educate yourself in a topic that, just to mention an example, provides jobs to more than 50000 people in the UK.

And yes, research and know more of our Universe is far more interesting that your average hobbies. But, that is your problem, of course.


Anonymous said...

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