Thursday, September 27, 2007

Polish government hung up about death penalty

The UN Assembly, this autumn, will try to pass a motion calling for a worldwide ban on the death penalty. The European Union wants to show support by having a European Day Against the Death Penalty on October 10. All 27 countries supported the idea, accept one – Poland, who vetoed the initiative stone dead.

Oh, no! Not Poland again!

BBC News

Polish Deputy Justice Minister Andrzej Duda said that the EU "should approach the subject in a broader way and debate the protection of life".

"The death penalty is only one element of the debate; there are more - for example, abortion and euthanasia."

The Polish government also complains that since the death penalty is not practiced in any state in the EU then what is the point of having a ‘day’ against it.

Krzysztof Bosak, of the League of Polish Families (LPR), who is also a member of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly (and currently in the cheesy Polish version of Dancing with the Stars!) - "I think it is hypocritical on the part of the EU to promote abortion, destructive lifestyles and euthanasia and at the same time to pretend to care about the right to life in only one case - death penalty," he said.

President Lech Kaczynski is thought to be in favour of the death penalty, but against euthanasia and abortion. Confused?

He’s not the only one

Amnesty International is one of the main cheer leaders of the worldwide campaign against the death penalty.

Amnesty’s campaigner Martin Macpherson:

Amnesty International opposes the death penalty in all cases and without exception, believing it to be a violation of the right to life and the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. The death penalty legitimises an irreversible act of violence by the state and will inevitably claim innocent victims. Amnesty therefore demands unconditional and worldwide abolition of the death penalty.

I completely agree. But if Amnesty are calling for ‘worldwide bans’ on the death penalty, then you would expect, would you not, that they would have a ‘worldwide’ policy on abortion – either for it, or against it, right?

Well, yes and no. Until very recently Amnesty – not wanting to upset the Catholic Church, with which it has had close links in the past - didn’t have a policy on the issue, at all. It left that one, ‘up to individual countries’.

But now they have finally issued a demand insisting that abortion should be universally available in case of rape, incest, or if the pregnancy endangered the life of the mother.

That’s interesting. Amnesty – universal human rights liberal warriors - after all this time, have just adopted the same policy on abortion as the current arch-Conservative Polish government!

And does this mean Amnesty think that a women’s autonomy over her own body is not a ‘human right’?

Former UK foreign minister Jack Straw tried to help sort out the confusion - by being confusing:

"I think the death penalty is something people have intense debates about, but abortion and euthanasia are seen as a private matter."

Hmmm. Not convinced. People also have passionate debates about abortion, assisted suicide rights, etc. And terminations and euthanasia is a public matter if the state has decided to restrict behaviour on these matters – which all states do. .

I am a pro-choice, anti-death penalty, don’t-know-where-I-stand on euthanasia, type person. So me and the Polish government are at complete opposites on these issues, and many more. But I think if you are going to call for universal rights then you had better be consistent over which rights you have in mind. The Polish government is right, but for all the wrong reasons.

Capital punishment is actually in decline in worldwide

In 2006 Amnesty recorded 1,591 executions, compared to 2,148 in 2005. ‘These figures demonstrate that there is now a real momentum to end capital punishment,’ they say.

So why is the EU as a collective body getting so excited by the whole thing, now, at a time when less regimes (China, Saudi…US) are using this method of ‘punishment’?

Why is it so keen, now, to campaign on banning things that don’t occur within its own borders?

Well, maybe it’s still on the road it has always been – trying to find a reason to be. Brussels can’t find many things to get the different nations together over (Constitution, anyone?) so why not pick something as safe – in Europe – as being against the death penalty? That’s a sure fire winner!

And then the Polish government goes and spoils it all.



Anonymous said...

BR -

there is indeed a fundamental difference between abortion and the death penalty. To have an abortion is always a decision taken by a single individual. Even if the woman talks before with others about doing or not doing it, in the end she alone decides. (I will not discuss here forced abortion, as was practiced by the Nazis on "racially inferior" women by law.)

A death sentence, however, is always pronounced "In the Name of the People" (or King, or God, or whoever is the highest authority in the respective country). It is, at least formally, a decision taken by society that passed the law, and for which the judge acts as its representative.

Passing a law that provides for the death penalty, or a law that abolishes the death penalty, is a political act. Society, through its representatives in parliaments etc., can do both, but no individual person can do this.

On the other hand, society can make a law that punishes abortion, but it can't "abolish" abortion by a legislative act. That should make clear, why abortion and the death penalty must not be mixed together.

"Euthanasia" is a wide field, and before discussing it, one should agree on a precise definition of what one wants to understand by this term (and study a little bit 3rd Reich history). Otherwise discussions will be fruitless.

Korakious said...

That's probably one of the most deranged arguments I've ever heard.

Hi by the way.

Anonymous said...

The Polish government's stand on the death penalty and abortion are valid ones. The EU is making an issue over the death penalty, whereas, thousands of abortions take place on European territory each year. Statistically, thousands of innocent lives are being taken away by abortion, and doesn't catch the attention of EU beaurocrats. So, why should the rare execution of a proven murderer be so important? Seems the heads of the Eu are being a bunch of hypocrites.

The lives effected by an abortion are not only that of the mother, but the unborn child as well. Two lives are at stake here, not one. Unfortunately, only one life (the mother's) has control of the situation. The unborn child has no say in the issue.

Here is my opinion on the death penalty and abortion:

The death penalty should be utilized in the case the the person being put to death has been caught live by either video/sound, witnessed by police or other higher investigative authorities, or has admitted to the actual murder of another individual in court, and the murder wasn't due to self-defense. It is only fair, if A murders B for no reason at all, then the courts punish A via the death penalty.

As far as abortion, the current law seems fair enough. If a mother's life is endangered by a pregnancy, or was due to rape or incest, then the right to abortion seems valid.

There is no black and white on either issue, as in many aspects of life itself. Poland's lone protest against a ban on the death penalty makes sense, even if it does isolate the country.

Susan Toole

Anonymous said...

The death penalty issue is nonsense as no member of the EU can put one into place anyway. It seems that linking it to abortion allows the government to be seen pursuing the agenda of the Catholic Church.

As for the EU promoting abortion according to Bosak, a rational person would understand this as a woman’s right to reproductive choice.

Euthanasia can also be viewed as an issue of human rights.

What we have here is a clash between societies more socially advanced with one state still in the Middle Ages blindly following the Vatican’s nonsense. This is the same Vatican that ruled out the planets revolving around the sun and the possibility the earth wasn’t flat………..good track record!

Now that the Polish government has outlawed abortion there was officially something like 150 abortions but illegal abortions was numbering in the hundreds of thousands same as before. It seems Polish women have chosen to ignore the church on mass pardon the pun.

If you’re out of step with 26 out of 27 societies perhaps it time to glance in the mirror.

And nothing will change as the church has managed to subvert the educational system in Poland so that science and sex education classes impart the Vatican’s idiotic doctrine to the detriment of the youngsters.

Remember the Pope was an anti-aircraft gunner for Adolf Hitler, I wonder if that detail remains as a part of religion class in Poland?

Anonymous said...

That's what I really can't get - if Pole's gov whant to be more Christian than a Pope, why don't they, together with the present abortion ban, drop the death penalty? Cause there's only the Lord to decide for the human to live or die? And I really wonder, am I the only person, seeing some incosequency in the policy of this populists, pretending to be ultracatholic to gain some popularity among Polish marginal-obscurants.


Anonymous said...

why should the rare execution of a proven murderer be so important?

Sometimes, "proven" murderers are later proven to be innocent.

Sometimes police and other folks actually lie and concoct evidence to convict somebody.

Who is to decide what constitutes "murder"? If it was up to me, George Bush (and more than a few other folks) would be serving serious time in jail.

Even somebody who confessed to a murder may have decided to do so because it seemed like a better option than pleading not guilty due to the legal system.

And there is the possibility of life imprisonment.

You might want to read the Catholic Catechism on the matter. It states:

Assuming that the guilty party's identity and responsibility have been fully determined, the traditional teaching of the Church does not exclude recourse to the death penalty, if this is the only possible way of effectively defending human lives against the unjust aggressor.

If, however, non-lethal means are sufficient to defend and protect people's safety from the aggressor, authority will limit itself to such means, as these are more in keeping with the concrete conditions of the common good and more in conformity with the dignity of the human person.

Today, in fact, as a consequence of the possibilities which the state has for effectively preventing crime, by rendering one who has committed an offense incapable of doing harm—without definitively taking away from him the possibility of redeeming himself—the cases in which the execution of the offender is an absolute necessity "are very rare, if not practically non-existent."

I don't think the current governmental leaders of Poland are good representatives of Catholicism. Same too with a lot of Church leaders.

Anonymous said...

You know the current junta in Poland is isolated if opinions as diverse as Jann's and mine are both in opposition to that of our Glorious Leaders.

Susan, here's the point: something which is not alive is not a living thing. If a ball of cells must suck the blood of a living creature in order to survive, it is not a living thing. If unborn babies are really alive, they can live for themselves with all the help that modern medical science can provide. If they can not, they are not alive.

The reason that they can not speak for themselves is that at 16 weeks they are not alive.

By the way, why aren't you out protesting against cemetaries? You support people being buried just because they look like they are dead? They might become alive.

Anonymous said...

Yea, let's rip them cells out of the womb as soon as medical science allows them a good chance of survival!

Less wear and tear on the woman's body. And then she can get back to work sooner, too!

Anonymous said...

If a ball of cells must suck the blood of a living creature in order to survive, it is not a living thing.

So only vegetarians are alive?

Anonymous said...

By the way, I've heard that some folks make a ritual out of eating the placenta! Hey, if the tissue surrounding the fetus is yummy, imagine the culinary delight of the fetus itself.

Anonymous said...

No political party in Poland is strong enough to govern independently and has to seek coalition partners and the support of societies fringe elements or self interest groups in order to get into power. This results in the interests of the majority being ignored or overruled to satisfy the needs of staying in power. Hence the Catholic Church has found itself in a position of power it never enjoyed in nearly all of modern history even the period of 1918 to 1939 what’s more important is there exist no counter balancing force in the country.

The average Pole doesn’t care about the death penalty, abortion or euthanasia, they want a steady and recognizable improvement in their standard of living and an better prospects for their children in a future where Poland that looks much like a clone of the original members of the EU.

Are irrelevant issues being driven into prominence to mask a hidden agenda?

The fundamental question that has to be asked here is the Catholic Church using it’s influence to stifle economic reforms because it fears it’s influence will drop as a function of increasing prosperity which has been a pattern clearly demonstrated in other societies in the last few decades.

Anonymous said...

Harry, I spoze you have something against vampires sucking blood, too.

How unfair! So unmodern!

Anonymous said...

The average Pole doesn’t care about the death penalty, abortion or euthanasia, they want a steady and recognizable improvement in their standard of living

I don't know about any opinion polls on the matter, but I betcha a majority of Poles care about all the above issues. I don't think it wise to reduce all Poles to an expression of purely economic desires. Actually, all they care about is satifying their individual ids.

is the Catholic Church using it’s influence to stifle economic reforms because it fears it’s influence will drop as a function of increasing prosperity?

How is the Church stifling economic reforms? What economic reforms? Why would they? That would mean less $$$ in their coffers.

YouNotSneaky! said...

Well as a pro-choice, anti-death-penalty-purely-for-practical-reasons, atheist, I still don't see why "Europe" should decide on policy rather than individual member states. And incidentally it is my understanding that most people in all European countries with the possible exception of France (where the split's about even) are in favor of having the death penalty. So if you had a democratic referendum on the subject matter you'd probably have a lot more death penalty around. But other issues trump this one for most voters so you end up with anti-death penalty legislation of the party leaders, elites and vocal single-issue parties rather than the bloodthirsty masses.

Frank Partisan said...

Poland should be criticized for bringing a religious argument, to a secular body. Abortion has nothing to do with unborn, it only is about institutionalizing the subjugation of women.

Who cares what A.I.'s position is on abortion?

Anonymous said...


While I appreciate your fresh outside look, you are missing the context here, because you are not aware of recent history.

Death penalty is a pet issue of Kaczynski. It was one of his main points during the previous election campaigns -- until our entrance in the EU made this a moot point. Both Kaczynski and his electorate believe that death penalty is a cure for violent crime, so there is no way in hell they are going to support its abolition.

It's election campaign all over again, nothing more.

(And I believe that the whole idea is stupid, anyway. What gives the EU authorities the right to decide on moral issues? They should stick to their jobs, e.g. economic matters.)

beakerkin said...


Thank you for providing a clear example of Bush derangement syndrome. The only relevant opinions of Bush are those of the American people. I would like to thank the obnoxious letter writing campaign from the Guardian to Ohio voters that helped defeat John Kerry. You may now return to your irrelevancy.


The death penalty is under utilized in America.

I wonder if the usual suspects are that upset about continued starvation caused by Kim Jong "Mentally Ill" and Mugabe. Of course the usual suspects live in a fantasy world where this has nothing to do with commuism. Funny, we do not read much about starvation in China anymore. The conclusions are fairly obvious even for the usual suspects with rather low IQ's who have not bothered to study history and economics. There is more to life than reading Mother Jones, High Times, Counterpunch and watching Scooby Doo.

That last sentence does not refer to you, it refers to the usual suspects.

beatroot said...

Opamp – I am aware of recent history in Poland, and even am reasonably aware of not so recent history. And of course anything that politicians say and do near an election should be seen in that light.

But what the post was about was the connection that PiS and others are making between death penalty, abortion and euthanasia, and the idea on much of the liberal side that there should be things called ‘universal human rights’.

Both these things are debatable. For instance, I think that a women’s complete autonomy over her own body IS a universal right. PiS of course do not think that, but neither does an organization like Amnesty.

I think that is interesting and I just wanted to have a look at that and see what people think.

Anonymous said...


A majority of Americans, as shown in just about every opinion poll imaginable, think Bush is a dickwad.

Guiliani is the utmost irrelevancy. Even more than you.

beatroot said...

Beak has a habit of getting a little bit personal and rubbing people up the wrong way. It comes from those Sonia/Renegade blogs in America....silly

They don't need to do that...some of them are intelligent people.

beakerkin said...


Rudy will win the Pesidential election and you will still be irrelevant. The American polls also show far left Nancy Pelosi with a poll in the teens. You may also refer to the recent polls on the far left bit. You are entirely irrelevant and off the polical landscape.

The American people can choose their own leaders without condescending Euros adding their two cents. To be honest Americans could care less who your leaders are as you are sinking deeper into history's dustbin.

The future will belong to China, India and the USA.


You might think mindless anti-Americanism is enlightened but I don't.It is a clear example of the irrelant far left crying. I am also amused by the idiocy espoused by Geez earlier about anti-Polonism. Some people have very over active imaginations.

beatroot said...

You see, 'idiocy', etc is not a debating point, Beak.

Anonymous said...


beakerkin said...


Your yawn has raised your IQ level.


Lets see the comments about Bush were classic Bush derangement syndrome. As the far left becomes more irrelevant the louder it whines and cries. However, in real life people tend not to listen to rabid dogs and fools. The comments of Geez on many subjects clearly fall into the category of a mental pathology.


The death penalty is not used often enough. It should clearly have been used in the case of Ana Montes who deserves to die for spying for Cuba.

I would like to see the US denaturalize people for violating the law. George Soros has violated US laws interfering in foreign policy and should be denaturalized and deported. His money spent in elections is akin to a classic protection racket.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow beakfuckwit, thank you so much for enlightening us poor dumb Europeans with your Yankee-doodle-invade-countries-and-steal-their-resources wisdom.

Now could you possibly be so kind as to seeing your way clear to fucking off and dying? We'd greatly prefer that to be a very slow and painful death if you can manage it.

Do love your idea about revoking citizenship from people who break the law. Would have saved hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq a lot of hurt if you'd just removed George W(yborowa)'s citizenship for that drunk drving incident. Then he'd never have become president and launched the illegal war on Iraq.

We can even take your idea one step further: when somebody breaks US law and international law (say hello to your glorious leader), that person can be deported from the planet.

Anonymous said...

One more thing fuckwiterkin: care to explain why Luis Posada Carriles is not facing the death sentence for being "an admitted mastermind of terrorist plots and attacks" (not my words, it's a quote from the US justice department).

Oh, of course, he was only killing Cubans. Mere untermenschen compared to the god-like citizens of the USA. Well, apart from the US citizens who have blood which is impure (like that nasty Mr Soros). Bet you can't wait for a chance to improve the racial purity of the USA by getting that kike bastard (not my words, instead I'm quoting that fine old US organisation the KKK) Soros out of the country.

beakerkin said...


Another mindless irrelevant Euro with Bush derangement syndrome. As you Euros sink deeper into irrelevancy your rhetoric gets louder and louder.

Lets see now we are equating an alleged drunk driving with sedition, treason and revolutionary defeatism. This is an example of how rabid leftists can not grasp even the simplest of concepts. Commies who advocate this pathology for others need to live under it themselves. This is the chicken collectivist reality. Now we can start a Commie conga line to live with Kim Jong Ill.

You also keep forgetting that the only relevant law in the USA is governed in our Constitution. The more you Euros whine and wail the better the GOP does in the polls. Speaking about the polls the numbers for the UN are below Bush ooops.

Soros is a commie who has violated several US laws and needs to go. I could care less what racial or ethnic affiliation he claims. When one is a Communist beholden to a cult of class genocide of whatever strain such concepts as nationality or ethnicity are irrelevant.

So now the dimb Euroleftist dimwits whose sole contact with Cubans is likely asignations with hookers in Havana dares to lecture me about Cubans. Funny, I have lived with Cuban Americans all my life and they have a rather low opinion of Eoroweenie leftists. Maybe if you dolts understood the realities of a genuine police state you could grasp the silence of Cubans in Cuba.


Is this Euroderangement syndrome caused by something in the drinking water.

Oddly even the French seem to grasp the limits of mindless anti-Americanism. In fairness one could cite other concerns as well.

Europe is irrelevant and has been so for a while. The self righteous tones are basically envey for a civilization on its last legs killed by its own decadence.

Funny all your talk about America seems to miss the fact that Muslims do not riot in America. This is because they are expected like everyone else to hold a job.
The American way is far more enlightened than patting Muslims on the head handing them a welfare check and aping their gripes to assinine levels.

Keep whining about Rudy, your hysteria will get him elected.

michael farris said...

beakerkin accusing anyone else of hysteria is a lot like the pot addressing the kettle ...

And really, "Bush derangement syndrome" is _soooo_ 2003, didn't you get the memo?

beatroot said...

Very amusing exchanges here...

beakerkin said...


Lets see advocates of utopian class genocide, property theft and sedition and the mindless are worried about Rudy?

It is quite simple as Europeans become less releant they grow more shrill?

beakerkin said...


Moving ahead to higher IQ's and the semi-coherent. It seems European tourists like to lecture Americans about their leaders. Most Americans are too polite to tell spoiled irreleant Euros to show some class. I do enjoy reminding Euros that the only relevant opinions of American politics is that of the American people.

I do remember in the 80's when self absorbed Euros would lecture Americans about Blacks and crime.
Now you Euros have your own crime problems. Unlike America riots do not last for months. Moreover, when Blacks rioted it was because they wanted to be part of the culture and get a larger share of the pie. The Muslim riots are quite different. I remember the great laughter when this quote appeared in the local paper. " We want police out of the occupied territories". Most of you Euroweenies think this is about the West Bank but it was Muslims talking about FRANCE.

The reality is that Euros have been sucking off the US taxpayer for too long. The US taxpayer has been subsidizing your decadence by paying for the defense of Europe. While you Euroweenies point to aid for Israel the multiples spent on NATO were much higher. NATO needs to be disbanded as it no longer serves a purpose. The massive saftey nets you created were off the US Tax payers back and you need to start paying for your own defense. The question is defense from whom Albanians??? Russians???

The simple fact is that after years of shrill self righteous rhetoric most Americans care what Euros think. The few tourists you will encounter are not reflective of the country as a whole. Moreover, when you visit you go to NYC, LA, Disney or Vegas and seldom encounter the people in the heartland who are quite different.

michael farris said...

beakerkin, please go through the trouble of spelling my name right.

"the dimb Euroleftist dimwits whose sole contact with Cubans is likely asignations with hookers"

"rabid leftists can not grasp even the simplest of concepts. Commies who advocate this pathology for others need to live under it themselves. This is the chicken collectivist reality. Now we can start a Commie conga line to live with Kim Jong Ill"

"advocates of utopian class genocide, property theft and sedition"

Well, there's certainly nothing shrill in those quotes.

beatroot said...

Yeah, Beak, can you turn down the shrillness...I'm gettin earache.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fuckwitkin,

Thanks for all the cash you gave us. Now get the fuck out. You are doing nothing apart from recruiting the next generation of suicide bombers. We'd prefer them to carry on attacking the US of A than attack us.


BTW: shrub is not an alledged drunk driver, he is a convicted drunk driver. But don't let akward things like facts get in your way. "revolutionary defeatism"? Sounds like something a person would charged with during the Moscow trial. Good to see that you are taking inspiration from Stalin.

Anonymous said...

Whining about Rudy? I'm hoping he gets the nomination!

beakerkin said...


Lets see you have Harry using profanity. This is a clearly due to a lack of intellect. Maybe you should remind the Euros about their alleged manners


I will try this slowly as you are obiously a moron.

Obviously lefties forget that they speak only for themselves. There are plenty of Euros who are embarassed by the temper tantrums of the left ask the Germans and French.

The fact is that Islamic terror is not limited to the USA or Europe.
It is a global phenomena and patting Muslims on the head and repeating their most insane gripes and giving them welfare check in perpetuity has not worked. How many days did Malmo burn? How about the riots in France. Muslims upset about cartoon, so lets go and riot.

The problem rests within the community itself and the far left rationalizations for abhorent behavior doesn't work. You Euros have Muslim riots with regularity. It seems in the states they are expected to work and not placed in menial jobs.

It seems that Eurosocialist paternalism doesn't work. Moreoer, you Euros are doing a great job of creating your own lawlessness.

I would be glad to remove the troops. However, it seem you Euroweenies start complaining about job losses every time it is discussed.

There are limits to mindless Americanism even Schroeder and Chirac found out the hard way.

Revolutionary defeatism dates back to Lenin. Have the apologist for the war criminal Trotsky enlighten you. He wants to be the cafeteria commisar.

Lets see it is still alleged and you still can not grasp the difference between sedition, treason and ordinary crime.

Onto Farris

I stand by the comments as posted.
Your comments are not amusing to Cuban Americans who can speak for themselves.

The comments were actually quite funny but clueless lefties were never known for humor. So what is the source of your knowledge of Cuba. Did you go on the Castro's Thereisenstadt or sex tour?

michael farris said...

"Your comments are not amusing to Cuban Americans who can speak for themselves."

I don't remember writing anything about Cubans or Cuba (a place I've never been).
But now that you bring the topic up; being originally from Florida I've known my share of Cubans (who along with Jamaicans I vastly prefer over Newyorkians and Michigonians but that's another topic).

While almost all the Cubans I'd known were anti-Castro, the ones that grew up in post-revolucion Cuba were a lot more pragmatic in evaluating Cuba and more moderate in criticising it (the most extreme anti-Castroites I knew were mostly born in Miami).

"The comments were actually quite funny"

To you. But one doesn't discuss personal taste so I'll refrain from further comments.

Anonymous said...

Fuckwitkin: Love how you're calling other people "moron" and talking about "lack of intellect" but all the time you are either too stupid to read or you are just a plain old fashioned liar.

Shrub's drunk driving is not alleged, it is proved and confirmed. On September 4, 1976, at the age of 30, shrub was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol near his family's summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine. He pled guilty, was fined $150, and had his driver's license suspended in Maine until 1978.
Here is a copy of his arrest record card:
The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles also released this summary of Bush's DUI conviction:

beakerkin said...


The charge is not relevant and nobody cares. Plenty of people have such charges. They are not nearly as serious as the crimes of Clinton or Gomer Kerry.

Moreover, you still lack the mental capacity to comprehend the difference between treason,epionage and ordinary minor crimes. Your inability to comprehend a simple issue proves my point.

On to the inane Farris

Go in peace. I still find the comment comedic.

Anonymous said...

It's not a charge you fuckwit, it's a conviction! Shrubby was charged and convicted of a crime which kills thousands of innocent people every year. And yet you still try to claim that he was not.

You can think that Soros committed any crime you want to. You claims that he did just show that 'treason', 'sedition' and 'espionage' are more words that you do not know the meaning of. Just as you do not know the meaning of the words 'alleged', 'convicted' and 'guilty'. And you call other people stupid!

Now fuck off and die a slow painful death you scatmunching cocktard.

beakerkin said...


You are talking to a person who works in a law enforcement capacity and have zero clue. The crime of driving under the influence is an ordinary crime and is this is apparently not a pattern.

Soros has violated laws prohibiting private individuals from interfering in US foreign policy. He has many financial transactions that are considered illegal in the USA. He has used his campaign contributions to protect him from the legal ramifications of his crimes

Apparently you are familiar with the words treason, espionage and sedition. Those who spy for Cuba like Ana Montes should die for their crimes. Moreover, merely being a Communist is itself "probable cause" for scrutiny by the US government. I would like to see commies tried when they break the laws denaturalized and sent to North Korea.


It seems Harry has a potty mouth.
No doubt as the far left sinks further into mental illness they grow more bitter. The fact is Harry is irrelevant and off the political map.

It is time the Europeans toned down the mindless antiAmericanism and learned from your betters.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your words of wisdom. How lucky we are to have an ubermenschen like yourself to enlighten us.

I never thought I'd encounter anybody who reminded me of Stalin and McCarthy at the same time.

Now get back to guarding those prisoners. As if a twat like you could get a job any higher up the law enforcement ladder.

michael farris said...

harry ... he's just fucking with you now, trolling to get a reaction. Don't give it to him.

beakerkin said...


I find it amusing that a commie vermin should use a term clearly associated with Nazis. FYI what type of commie disparages people who work for a living. I guess all the social justice words are mere vehicles for theft by self deluded elitists.

I have no problem with jail guards or any other profession that performs an honest days work. My job is quite differnet, but it requires a rational mind.

Listen to the wise advice of your friend Farris. You are over matched and should try your luck with someone more patient.

Anonymous said...

I'm over matched by a fucktard who is too stupid to know the difference between 'alleged' and 'convicted'? Yeah, right. Just like USAians are our betters.

Here's a deal for you boy: Harry is my name and I'm very very easy to find in Warsaw. Come and over and we'll find out once and for all who's the better man. Or are you just another internet tough guy?

beakerkin said...


Are you such a neanderthal that you must resort to threats? Is this proof of your so called enlightenment? The probable cause is frustraion and a low IQ.

I have no intention of visiting Warsaw any time soon. The Polish people I know in America should not be lumped together with an ignoramus such as yourself.

Moreover, unlike the ill mannered Euros, I would have more class than to lecture the locals about their political leaders. Europeans could learn alot by watching the well behaved Japanese tourists who are loved for their manners in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Fuckwitkin: you see a threat? Well obviously you should invade Poland before Poland can attack you. That is the American way isn't it?

If you see an invitation to have a conversation as a 'threat', you must be even more of an idiot than the person who is unable to see the difference between 'alleged' and 'convicted'.

Now fuck off back to the land of the unfree and the home of the cowards, we in the free world are sick of you polluting the internet.

See you anytime you grow a pair!

beakerkin said...


America does not invade allies. The freedoms in America are just inconvenient facts.

Your intrest in my equipment is quite odd. My proclivities are not homosexual so are out of luck. I do not have a problem with homosexuality, but it is not my style.

The amazing thing is you commies seem to think you speak for the entire world. I see people rushing to emigrate to America everyday. These people, including Poles who we welcome, do not share your mindless anti-Americanism.

Your remarks are basically a form of America envy. You should envy America as you are stuck in an increasingly irrelevant Europe.

Anonymous said...

"Poles who we welcome..." Have you ever visited a planet called earth?

beakerkin said...


Your rabid mental pathologies are similar to Baghdad Bob. The long lines of Poles emigrating to the USA must be imaginary. They go through long lines and procedures because they have nothing better to do.

Send us a note when you decide to get off the LSD trip.

It is quite amusing how irrelevant people get shriller as they fade into oblivion. This is a clear case of American envy.