Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Satin Pajamas Awards

the beatroot has been nominated for ‘Best European Political Blog’.

The Northern Irish blogger Slugger O’Toole is in the pack and he will be hard to beat. But maybe we could get second?

Vote here. Vote early. Vote often….(as they used to say in Northern Ireland).

Oh, by the way: the beatroot is two years old today. I thought I would do it for a year, just to see if we could get a Poland-related blog noticed: and it went OK. So I thought I would do it for another year, just to see what happened: and it went even better. We now get 20,000 reads a month. Not bad. Cheers to all the people who have contributed. So now I am gonna do another year – just to see what happens…


Damien Moran said...

Congrats. BR - keep on 'brogging'. A special new word I invented to commemorate your birthday;) Today is also a great day for people against the Iraq war. Two sound men from Oxford who attended our trial in Ireland were acquittedunanaimously by jury of intending to do damage to U.S.
B-52s at RAF Fairford. Your award nomination and their victory has made my evening a jolly one.

beatroot said...

That's great, and I am proud of you guys. Maybe I will buy you a pint of black stuff, onedays...

Brad Zimmerman said...

I don't always agree with everything you say and I certainly don't always agree with what everyone else is posting in response... but it's good to hear it all and I'm glad there's a good place to see it all.

Anonymous said...

Though being decidedly more left-wing
and 'green' in my outlook, I thoughroughly enjoy reading your blog and was happy to give you my vote.

Best of Luck.

- Polish expat in New Zealand

Lynn said...

Many congratulations! You have my vote.

Anonymous said...

In line with the great traditions of the democratic voting process, with your blog being the only one I know anything about and knowing absolutely nothing about any of the other candidates, my vote goes to ..... you :-)

Keep up the good work, beatroot!

varus said...

"20,000 reads" a staggering and impressive amount. You manage always to find a new and interesting topic for discussion and i am undoubtedly learing alot about my new country.


Keep it up!! :)

Anonymous said...

lynn -- checked out your blog and was interested to find that you too are geezerly and despite being anti-religious(?), list The Brothers Karamazov as your favorite book (ja tez). Sounds weird to me coz my experiences reading D-sky have always made me feel more religious. Also, my sincere condolences about you being a Cubs' fan. Got Pierzynski? Nonethelss, in my travels I have been to Wrigley and really loved it (Chi-town too)even though it was colder than a witch's tit the day I was there and snowing to boot with flakes so big I couldn't even see the ball. But as far as Hitchens goes, imho, ugh, in every which way.

And, yea, BR, you got my vote(s).

beatroot said...

We are in second place, and only 6 percent behind the Slugger (who is one of the UK’s top bloggers).

I don't always agree with everything you say…

I actually think I met you once, didn’t I? So you know what I’m like. If I wanted to write some happy slappy liberal blog, where we all textually joined hands and told each other how beautiful we are, I would write posts about how water is wet, the sun is yellow, and why Coldplay (puke!) are the greatest band in the world.

But what would be the point of that?

The point is to stimulate debate – to agitate. And I respect people who can articulate their opinions – any opinions - in an interesting way. And there are lots of people who come and do that here on this blog. So I what we do (I stopped thinking is was ‘my’ blog’ ages ago), is a positive thing.

Though being decidedly more left-wing and 'green' in my outlook

How is has ‘left wing’ become synonomous with ‘being green’.

Conservationism was the invention of the aristocracy in Victorian times. Conservation and Conservatism go hand in hand. That ‘green’ has attached itself to what used to be progressive left wing thought (and I speak as someone of the Left) is a real sign of degenerate times.

Cheersw Lyn! Lyn is one of my US – a country I have deep respect for, even though their political class are the biggest bunch of arseholes on the planet - blog friends and a very civilized person, indeed.

Pinko – cheers man. But some of those blogs we are competing with are very very good ones. You should read em.

Varus – he is a Lodz blogger. Hope you find Poland as interesting as I do. It’s weird man, but the politics here is real politics – not that pathetic shower back in the UK. Have you seen the candidates for the deputy leader of Labour Party> Wankers, all of them.

beatroot said...

And Geez – Polish-American with Polish wife (so his taste in women is impeccable) – you came along here a while ago and it’s really been a pleasure arguing with you about all sorts of stuff. Very much appreciate it.

Geez’s nome de plume comes, I think, from when I once called him a ‘geezer’. I don’t know how Americans understand that word, cause it’s very British, but it was a kind of an affectionate term for a mature man of genuine character.

michael farris said...

In American usage, the first connotation of 'geezer' is age, namely a geezer is a real old man (geezers can be old men and women though I wouldn't refer to a group of old women as geezers).

In British IINM it means something like American 'guy' or maybe 'dude'.

beatroot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Jeez and I thought it had something to do with the guy in Black Sabbath.

Unknown said...

BR - you certainly have my vote. Your blog is one of very few places where the opinions are being exchanged on Poland-related topics that are highly charged and controversial. Ironically, you seem to be more of a true polish journalist that most of the ones who were born, raised and educated there. Good job!
heat_seeker aka Albert
BTW 1: I agree it’s a bit daft handle - don’t know how the heck ‘Albert’ got changed into ‘heat_seeker’ – a mystery of the Google universe 
BTW 2: ‘Geezer” is generally used as a term of endearment

beatroot said...

Yeah, I remember you as ‘Albert’…but I don’t see that as any more stupid as ‘the beatroot’!

Brad Zimmerman said...

beatroot: I don't think we've met. At least not that I recall, anyway.

Sidenote: I like Coldplay. I don't think they're the greatest (Beastie Boys) but it's not bad music.

What I like about your blog, beatroot, is that it's more news than commentary (imo). Yes, there is plenty of commentary but I don't mind it. I like that you, as a journalist, show your bias. Everyone can tell what your bias is and as such it's a lot easier to cut the commentary from the news if we so wish. It's a lot harder to do that with, say,

Anonymous said...

I would write posts about how water is wet, the sun is yellow, and why Coldplay (puke!) are the greatest band in the world.

If I was forced to choose between Coldplay and Vader with the threat of a sztywny pal Azji, I think I'd choose Vader.

roman said...

Keep up the good works. A visit to your blog is always interesting and educational.

Anonymous said...

Geez beatroot - that Ryanair flight I just got back from (to Dublin) has addled my head - am frantically trying to boost your numbers:-)

But the link ain't doing it for me right now:-)

But soooooooon

Keep up the good work!!


Anonymous said...

Well it's working now - am I a thick Brit? (err don't answer that one;-)

But hey - how do I vote - I really wanna:-)


beatroot said...

Dublin is a great place. And on the heathen Ryanair? Tut tut…

Yeah, the bloggy award thing…it has turned into a desperate dog fight among the minor places. Beatroot started out of the trap well, like a lean, mean greyhound. Since then everyone else has got their act together and the beatroot has turned into asthmatic poodle.

Anonymous said...

Yes heathen (but very cheap and Ryan scare:-) - as they say in Ireland;-)

I wanna vote and vote - did I miss out? somewhere?

? Please

You deserve it mate - as someone (me) who 'hops' in and out - I can rely on your blog to keep me well and truly posted with the local news;-)


beatroot said...

Ryanair is not the Polish ultra-patriot’s favourite airline – as the above post show. Even before they starting flying here O’Leary said that ‘nobody would want to fly to Gdansk’…and then about 6 months later started up routes here.

And the tree huggers everywhere hate them because they make air travel affordable for everyone.

Heathens! I love em!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Beatroot. Almost a year out of Poland, but i'm still connected to the place, largely through your blog.

Lili, Sydney.