Sunday, May 06, 2007

The French post: the organic dialectic, subcultural sublimation, expressionism and the sexist equation

Question: Does an undertheorized multi-perspectival sociological ventriloquism lead to a potential mannerist deformation in representations of social existence?

Just asking.

The French election is today and the probable winner thinks that Muslim poor kids in the Paris suburbs are ‘scum’, and the loser is a socialist candidate who appears to be even more conservative, in many ways, than her rightwing candidate (oh, don’t you just love modern day, post-ideological politics).

But why is France in such a mess? I think it is because of their loony intellectuals.

Postmodern gibberish

I have been reading a book about Einstein and relativity. It’s one of the most magnificent intellectual accomplishments of all time (his theory, that is, not me reading the book).

But just look at what ultra-post-modernist feminist French academic superstar, Luce Irigaray, thinks about it all. In one of her essays, Le sujet de la science est-il sexue? (1987), she turns her attention to an issue that has been virtually ignored (though for good reason, cause it’s nonsense) in treatments of Einstein's famous theory.

She poses the highly intelligent question:

“Is e=mc2 a sexed equation? Perhaps it is. Let us make the hypothesis that it is insofar as it privileges the speed of light over other speeds that are vitally necessary to us [?]. What seems to me to indicate the possible sexed nature of the equation is not directly its uses by nuclear weapons, rather it is having privileged what goes the fastest...” .

Er...merde! I get the impression that she has no clue what she is talking about. So why would anyone want to publish this bull?

For those of you not yet acquainted, the E in the equation stands for ‘energy’. That energy is equivalent to the mass (m) of something times speed of light (c) squared. It made scientists realize that the amount of potential energy within matter is enormous, if you can find the technology and unstable enough atoms (like in uranium) to be able to release it.

But the speed of light (which our French post modernist seems to think is ‘male’ and ‘sexist’) is a vital part of that transformation of mass to energy. It’s a law of physics.

So the reason why Einstein picked speed of light rather than…say…the speed of a Toyota pick-up truck…or a female rowing team, is because it would have nothing to do with anything at all.

Saying that ‘privileging the speed of light’ is sexist is like saying that photosynthesis is a chauvinist pig!

The French are going to have problems, whoever is in the presidential palace, because their academics and so prized intellectuals are stark raving mad.

(Check out, too, the postmodernism generator. Just keep clicking refresh and it generates, automatically, a fresh new postmodern essay – full of ‘sexed equation’ type gibberish. The French would love it!)


Anonymous said...

So, what is the title of the Einstein book? Do you have a link for us?

Anonymous said...

As for the substance of your post, I don't think many people want France to change, and by many I mean in particular the rest of the world, not just the French. There have been a lot of interesting articles (most recently one by Jacques Attali entitled, "Your Just Jealous", in the IHT), pointing out that while we love to laugh at France, we still love to vacation there and own a house, drink the wine, take in the je ne sais quoi, etc. The goofy intellectuals are just part of the whole experience, wouldn't you agree?

Anonymous said...

So the reason why Einstein picked speed of light rather than…say…the speed of a Toyota pick-up truck…or a female rowing team, is because it would have nothing to do with anything at all.

No. If you have a Toyota cruising at 60km/h and you are driving at an opposite direction at 40km/h (with reference to the ground of course), than the speed of Toyota with reference to you is 100km/h. But light from the Toyota's headlights is approaching you at c in both cases. This is because light is a very peculiar beast in itself. So when you try to match these two facts into a coherent theory, and you do the math for this, you get E=mc^2. There you have this great secret...

(Or, in postmodernist terms, while all other speeds are subject to your subjective perception (because of your subjective choice of the frame of reference) the speed of light is not).

The funniest part is this: I was expected to be able to derive this when I was in high school and again when I was doing an introductory physics course at the uni. So you would expect someone who claims to be an intellectual to at least understand the effing high school material, or at least know when to shut up. Apparently the only qualification required of a postmoden intellectual is capacity for spewing out ideologically correct rubbish.

So I propose that postmodernism arose when a bunch of pretentious idiots started destroying the education system, who has in turn started to produce more remarkble pretentious idiots. Who have of course subscribed to the postmodernist idiocy, thus creating a positive feedback loop. (Although I wouldn't expect postmodernists to understand this term. They are inherently unable to understand anything more logical than gender studies).

(In a strange turns of events, the French have voted today for a man ostensibly fed up with the bullshit of the 1968 revolution...).

Anonymous said...

Also with respect to the alleged masculinity of E=mc^2 because of its link with nuclear weapons:

The nuclear weapons are known to be very tricky to get right, so they have to be inherently female. Interestingly, the French have probably noticed this first, since in their language both bombe athomique and arme nucleaire are feminine!
So, because nuclear weapons are really female (and bitchy), it is obvious that women are better fitted to make them! The fact that so far all these weapons have been developed by men, is a leftover of patriarchy! This great social injustice must be corrected! Bombs for women!

(Is that enough to get me a tenure at Harvard?)

beatroot said...

I can recommend two books, actually. First E=mc2: A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation by David Bodanis and Big Bang by simon singh.


The nuclear weapons are known to be very tricky to get right, so they have to be inherently female.

No. Nuclear weapons are female because they take three quarters of an hour to get ready to go out.

As for Sarkozy…his slightly dumb remarks abort Muslims have brought the predictable response. Riots. But, interestingly, the British New Labour government were praying for a win by Sarkozy – as he is very much in the mould of a French Tony Blair. So there was a Labour Party hoping the French Socialists fail.

It’s a funny old world.

beatroot said...

The Guardian says his Morcing:

The departure of Jacques Chirac, the last European leader able to remember the second world war and the catastrophes that led to the birth of the EU, puts the union in the hands of a bunch of leaders born in the 1950s. Both Mr Sarkozy and Angela Merkel, Europe's pivotal leader, are 52, Gordon Brown is 56, the Kaczynski twins running Poland are 57, and Jose Manuel Barroso, the European commission chief, is 51…

Out of that lot, the Ducks are the least reform minded, economically. They are the left wing stick in the muds. But all of them will welcome Sarkozy’s ‘mini-treaty’ to replace the old bloated and stupid ‘EU constitution’. So there is hope, there at least.

Anonymous said...

BR: They (the K's) are the left wing stick in the muds

So what is Geremek? The drowned in the mud?

BTW, not even a majority of French women voted for the French woman socialist candidate.

Anonymous said...

Postmodernism in scholarship spreads like HIV, attacking the intellectual immune system, aka "rational thinking." But it can spread only in the humanities, where theories don't need to prove their worth in the dirty reality of everyday life, as is the case for the natural sciences and mathematics.

This makes me optimistic: the scientific community has survived "Deutsche Physik" (propagated by Hitler's protegé, Nobel laureate Philipp Lenard) and "Diamat Biology" (propagated by Stalin's protegé, Trofim Denissovitch Lyssenko). It will survive Creatonism (propagated by Maciej Giertych&Co) and Postmodernism with all its radically feminist, New Age, deconstructionist, etc. varieties.

And she who is convinced that the laws of physics are only gendered linguistic conventions should make a test and jump down from the second platform of the Eiffel Tower. I doubt she will afterwards continue to stick to her theory.

Anonymous said...

You are all greatly exaggerating the importance of postmodernist gibberish even within literature departments of universities, much less outside.

Also, France is not such a mess. It is richer than the United States of America (if you believe that things like shorter working weeks, longer holidays, earlier retirement, better universal health care provision are a form of wealth).

Anonymous said...

But it now looks like the Frech electorate now voted to make their country a mess -- to get rid of the 35 hour week, etc.

beatroot said...

You are all greatly exaggerating the importance of postmodernist gibberish even within literature departments of universities, much less outside.

Oh, if only…Foucault, the now late Baudrillard (the French election, like the Gulf was, never happened…), Lyotard, these guys are all over sociology, cultural theory, literature departments, like a rash.

And the relativism that goes with this nonsense is in danger of becoming ‘common sense’.

Also, France is not such a mess.

A 35 hour week is OK (if you like that sort of thing) if you have a job. Thing is, 10 percent don’t. Youth unemployment is at 25 percent. That’s a mess. France is a country of have and have nots – just like the US. In France, it’s the employed keeping the unemployed out of work.

The ‘social model’ which served western Europe well after WW II is now a creaking relic. I wouldn’t mind of there was a progressive left wing alternative. But there isn’t. Casino Royale, or whatever her name is, was the conservative candidate in many ways. I remember when the Left wanted radical change, and the right wing conservatives wanted things to stay the same.

These days it’s the left in France (and elsewhere) that wants things to stay the same. Sad, but very contemporary.

roman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
roman said...


Vive le Sarko!
Let's keep the record straight, s'il vous plais ... You said that he "thinks that Muslim poor kids in the Paris suburbs are ‘scum’"
I think that he was actually referring only to the rioters setting autos and storefronts on fire. He did not specifically direct his remark towards Muslim poor kids in general as you seem to suggest :)

Korakious said...

I love the pomo generator. It cracks me up every single time.

beatroot said...

You are right, TC. What he said was that He was going to use high pressure water pumps to ‘wash the scum’ from the areas’ – meaning criminals. Unfortunatly, it was interpreted by many in the areas as being about them in general.

varus said...

Beatroot said:
What he said was that He was going to use high pressure water pumps to ‘wash the scum’ from the areas’ – meaning criminals. Unfortunately, it was interpreted by many in the areas as being about them in general.

i didn't follow the comments in the press, but the anger has more to do with a self-fulfilling prophecy type of interpretation rather than him actually attacking anyone. The comments may have been badly worded, but the conclusions arrived at by the Muslim residents, display more an opportunistic grab at the President-elect.

If you want to make yourself a victim, you can usually find a way. However, that does not mean that the issue should be ignores, as the real focus should be placed on why they (Muslim community) want to victimize themselves.

varus said...

As far as post-modernism goes; it allows us to question are believes and assumptions. Like any theory or framework it shouldn’t be taken verbatim but blended with other epistemological approaches. Modernity had the limitation of causing us to categorize everything and so limit our perception of the world as positivism ruled.

As for France: well the 35 hour working week and 40 of GDP being spend on welfare/civil service has caused economic stagnation and a business unfriendly environment. Anonymous said: It is richer than the United States of America (if you believe that things like shorter working weeks, longer holidays, earlier retirement, better universal health care provision are a form of wealth) Well, Those forms of wealth were prevalent in communist countries and look what happened to their economies.

Anonymous said...

Ok I feel like there are three clichés about my country that need to be corrected, so here goes for a little "cocorico" comment :

-first, to see postmodernism as a distinctively French phenomenon really misses the point. In fact, postmodernism has never managed to gain any sort of influence within France, and figures such as Derrida or Lyotard are completely unknown to the French. They have attracted so much coverage abroad precisely because their audience was primarily based in countries such as America.

-"France is not in decline and the last thing it needs is reform" :

-about the "scum" phrase : this was used in reply to a woman from the banlieues who had used it in her question to Sarkozy. If you understand French :

Anonymous said...

Postmodernism never happened.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. So: while Sarkozy was visiting a banlieu some local woman asked him something like "What are you going to do with the local scum" and he responded with his phrase. That pretty much changes its meaning, eh?

Plus, I have recently came across an article which claimed that banlieu inhabitants were voting for Sarkozy hoping that he would do something about the gangs which seem to be ruling there.

My opinion on this election is this: Sarkozy means that maybe (just maybe) France will survive. Had Royal been elected, we could have considered it dead already. They are already on a fast track to the future described by Ziemkiewicz in Czerwone dywany odmierzony krok.

beatroot said...

Two things: firstly, there will be a general election in mid june in France. So the French has to give the presidentail palace a clear madidate to rule there too, otherwise chaos. And second, there are huge forces which do not any sort of change at all in France – they have tried to change the place before but always failed.

So nothing is certain there.

sonia said...

winner thinks that Muslim poor kids in the Paris suburbs are ‘scum’

Correction. Sarkozy thinks that drug-dealing predators who burn cars and gang rape Muslim girls who refuse to wear a veil, are 'scum'.

Anonymous said...

and gang rape Muslim girls who refuse to wear a veil

No. They gang rape any girls who refuse to wear a veil. Because in the culture all women who do not wear a veil are sluts, and raping a slut is not a big deal anyway.

Behold the joys of multiculturalism.

Anonymous said... theIR culture, of course.

beatroot said...

Maybe you are misunderstanding what ‘multiculturalism’ means.

The French have never had a multiculturalist model. They are not the British. The French have always believed that everyone in France is ‘French’. They believe in an ‘integrationist’ model.

Unfortunately, they have completely failed to convince many young Muslim French that they are really a part of French society. That’s because, probably, of good old fashioned French racism.

I am not a multiculturalist. I believe that everyone should be treated equal, not, as the multiculturalists say, as ‘different’. But if you do not treat everyone as equal then you are never going to integrate them.

And. how can you integrate people when you have no clue what to be ‘French’ means? Same in Poland. What does it mean to be ‘Polish’?

The political class cannot come to a consensus about that, so how can you expect the ‘scum’ from Paris suburbs to be very impressed by all the 'French' rhetoric?

Anonymous said...

It's possible for all ethnic and religious groups to have equal rights without enforcing cultural uniformity across the board on them.

There are lots of cultural differences in modern societies.

Those that do not infringe upon individual rights should not be discouraged.

Indeed, to treat everyone equally requires that you respect their cultural ways... again, as long as they do not infringe upon individual rights.

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, they have completely failed to convince many young Muslim French that they are really a part of French society."

I'm sorry, but this is plain wrong. Here is a graph showing that muslims identify much more with their country than in other countries :

The role survey can be found here :

Anonymous said...

They believe in an ‘integrationist’ model.

In name. In reality, they have introduced no restrictions on immigrants, leading to creation of closed Muslim communities. So they have clearly practiced multiculturalism.

At the same time, they have eliminated religion from the public discourse (in favor of the cult of la Republique and laicite), preventing themselves from even seeing the problem. In fact, their elites are still willfully blind; who else would describe the people shouting "Allah akbar!" while burning cars as "troubled youths"?

The result will be called the Islamic Republic of France anyway. The only question is if it will be more Republic or more Islamic.

YouNotSneaky! said...

I wouldn't say that France is in decline but it does have problems and some reforms would probably help. So Sarkozy's win is a good thing.

As to postmodernism, it is also my understanding that French postmodernism had a much larger following in the US than in France. And, also from what I understand, sociology has been getting rid of a lot of postmodernist stuff and moving more towards empirical methods and examining the data.

Also, I'd just like to note that while the French, and in particular Parisians, have a reputation for being rude, everytime I visited there everyone was really really friendly. Even the waiters. And I don't think anyone was confusing me for a Frenchman either.

Sophia said...

You definitely have a point. There is a certain culutral decline in France and despite the nonsense of Luce Irigaray and julia Kristeva (denounced brillinatly by Jean Bricmont and physicist Alan Sokal in their book 'intellectual Imposture'), some of the intellectuals called post-modernists are just what is needed now. Bourdieu, Ricoeur, Derrida, and my favourite, Baudrillard whose article on 9/11, written less than two months after is damning for the present war on terror and for the information society. I think, more than the cultural decline, relativism is what killed French culture. You cannot put Bourdieu, Baudrillard on one side, and Bernard-Henri Levy, Irigaray and Kritseva on the other side, on the same level, and yet the French did just that.

What also made France elect Sarkozy is the demise of the socialist party and its intellectuals in the face of the failing governance ethics of the Chirac presidency culminating now with Sarkozy's. There is a social malaise in France and French thought that they can arrange things by electing a demaguogue, a decomplexified Le Pen, a guy who says exactly what Le Pen says but who is not made accountable for it because he has friends everywhere, from Politicians to businessmen to media, a network he personally built by treason, seducation, and intimidation.
Western democracies have limits. We have witnessed these limits in the 'war on terror' and right now we are witnessing other aspects of these limits in france with the election of Sarkozy.

beatroot said...

What also made France elect Sarkozy is the demise of the socialist party
Correct. Socialism used to be a progressive force. No longer. It’s now a conservative force in France and elsewhere. What’s left is a defensive dinausor.

I don’t think anyone would want to deny any culture ‘respect’…but societies have to have a culture over and above all the others which cement everyone together. Social solidarity is how societies function. That solidarity has gone.. Those ‘meta’ cultures are in decline and there is nothing to replace them.

In the UK we used to have a host of institutions and ideologies that did this. Nationalism, which went hand in hand with the old empire has gone (with the empire). Trade unions and political parties used to play a role in that – they have gone to. The church played a role. The monarchy. Etc…

All those things have gone. But we have nothing to replace them. Republicanism has not replaced monarchism, for instance. What we are left with is a relativism. And that is not good enough.

In France they tried to create s powerful feeling of Frenchness but that is in decline too. So we are left with nothingness.

That past is dead, the future is yet to be born.

Anonymous said...


and French thought that they can arrange things by electing a demaguogue,

Because of course a politician who wants to institute a tax on capital income at a rate "determined to satisfy the social justice, and no, I cannot give you even approximate numbers" is much less demagogical and more trustworthy.

a guy who says exactly what Le Pen says but who is not made accountable for it

It is interesting that the France has replaced the legacy of a man who said: "I do not agree with what you are saying but I will fight for your right to say it" with the idea that people should be "held accountable" for expressing unorthodox views.

It is also interesting that Mme Royal's comment about the Chinese justice system is not seen as extreme at all, but as a "gaffe".

Because we all know that only right wing extremism is dangerous; left wing extremism is merely an abberation.

Anonymous said...

E pluribus unum.

Out of many, one.

Unity through diversity.

Ein Kultur uber alles?

No thanks.

beatroot said...

There are many in Poland who want a monoculture. But that is not what I am saying. The dominant culture should be about what we have in common – like being humans – and not what makes us different, ‘special’. That’s multiculturalism.

Anonymous said...

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