Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is it a sin to make Polish lacy underwear?

Whereas once they had Pope John Paul as one of their customers, the famous lace makers of Koniakow are now making G-strings!

The ladies of Koniakow have been spinning and weaving lace for centuries – tablecloths, and the like. They also have produced gowns for Church ceremonies, including ceremonial clothing for John Paul II.

But recently the lacemakers of the small southern village in the mountans have rebranded their world famous lace and spend more time these days making racy underwear for ladies than table cloths.

APF reports that that the move to sexy underwear has not met approval with everyone in the village.

"The priest told me that a woman came to confession and asked him if it was a sin to make G-strings," said Anna Barska, a 47-year-old lace maker.

The Koniakow web site acknowledges the tension in the village, but seems to have retained a sense of humour about it:

‘Amazingly laces itself became a subject to anger, raised emotions, disapproval and divided small Koniakow society in half.
Lingerie handmade of Koniakow lace: sexy, making women proud and men excited is seen by some elders in Koniakow as sin and disgrace of an ancient respectful profession.
Well, if after Judgment Day I’ll be sentenced to spent eternity in Hell, I would feel much better to see a Devil (female one) wearing G-Strings.’

Ooo, you naughty devil!


Anonymous said...

I thought Devil wears Prada. OTOH, the current Pope has been known to wear red Prada shoes. Maybe he'll give the Koniakow G-strings a try.

Agnes said...

Hmm, globalization can be beautiful.

roman said...
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roman said...


You asked "Is it a sin to make Polish lacy underwear?"
As long as it is destined for a body like in that picture it's not at all sinful. What would be sinful, IMHO, is if it was destined for, how shall I put it, a plus size WIDE-body version.

Anonymous said...

It may not be a sin but it may soon be a crime. A new pornography bill proposes to ban everything that excites sexually. Hopefully, this will go the way of the bill to crown Jesus Christ king of Poland...

Anonymous said...

I get mighty titilated by ladies sporting mohair berets.

Too bad they will now be banned.

Anonymous said...

It is very unusual for one moral order to slide into another with no intervening chaos. There are many other symptoms. The excessive interest in eroticism is characteristic of the end of a civilization, because it really means a growing impotence, and a fear of impotence. Then the obsessive need for excitement, vicarious excitement, which of course the games provided for the Romans, and which television provides for our population. Even the enormously complicated structure of taxation and administration is, funnily enough, a symptom of the end of a civilization; these things become so elaborate that in the end they become insupportable because of their very elaboration.

Above all, there is this truly terrible thing which afflicts materialist societies -- boredom; an obsessive boredom, which I note on every hand. Mine is, admittedly, a minority view; a lot of people think that we are just on the verge of a new marvelous way of life. I see no signs of it at all myself. I notice that where our way of life is most successful materially it is most disastrous morally and spiritually; that the psychiatric wards are the largest and most crowded, and the suicides most numerous, precisely where material prosperity is greatest, where most money is spent on education. - Malcolm Muggeridge, Jesus Rediscovered, 1969, page 213

The orgasm has replaced the cross as the focus of longing and fulfilment. ---Malcolm Muggeridge "Tread Softly" p. 46 (1966)

Sex is the ersatz or substitute religion of the 20th Century.
---Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990) Contribution,N.Y. Times Magazine [March 24, 1968]

Sex is the mysticism of a materialistic society - in the beginning was the Flesh, and the Flesh became Word; with its own mysteries - this is my birth pill; swallow it in remembrance of me! - and its own sacred texts and scriptures - the erotica which fall like black atomic rain on the just and unjust alike, drenching us, stupefying us. To be carnally minded is life!---Malcom Muggeridge, Jesus Rediscovered, Bungay, Suffolk, UK: Fontana Books, 1969, p. 3
I suppose that every age has its own particular fantasy: ours is science. A seventeenth-century man like Blaise Pascal, who thought himself a mathematician and scientist of genius, found it quite ridiculous that anyone should suppose that rational processes could lead to any ultimate conclusions about life, but easily accepted the authority of the Scriptures. With us, it is the other way `round.... Malcolm Muggeridge, Jesus Rediscovered [1969]

The Gadarene swine were doubtless in pursuit of happiness when they hurled themselves to destruction over the cliff. Today, the greater part of mankind, led by the technologically most advanced, are similarly bent, and if they persist, will assuredly meet a similar fate. The pursuit of happiness, in any case, soon resolves itself into the pursuit of pleasure, something quite different---a mirage of happiness, a false vision of shade and refreshment seen across parched sand. Malcolm Muggeridge B.B.C. Broadcast, 5 October 1965

beatroot said...

A new pornography bill proposes to ban everything that excites sexually.

I didn’t know that. I remember interviewing a Polish ‘minister of the family’ a few years ago, when they wanted to crackdown on porn (it’s a perennial)…only problem was he had a problem defining what porn was. He said to me that porn was depictions of sex ‘with details’….I didn’t have the heart to ask him what those ‘details’ might be…

Geez – I didn’t no that mohair berets were gonna be banned. Where? In the US ? And is it the beret bit or the mohair that will be banned?

The orgasm has replaced the cross as the focus of longing and fulfilment.

Maybe that’s because it is easier to women to have multiple orgasms than wear multiple crosses.

And Muggeridge always was a bit of a prat…

Anonymous said...

I spoze it will be the ladies who wear the mohair berets who will be banned in Poland (if I ever go to Poland again -- unless the Kaczynskis share my geezerly passions).

About wearing multiple crosses... seems easy enuff to me:


Anonymous said...

This has to be one the more disturbing stories present on this blog; it is almost impossible to blame members of the former regime for this crisis. However lets give it a try.

The perish priest of Koniakow could well be one of those 15% of clergy whom chose cooperation with the secret police and continues doing the bidding of the dark forces of the old regime. Once they realized the good ladies of Koniakow were on the verge of financial success they sprung into action. A swift denunciation from the pulpit was showered on the forces of free enterprise and self-reliance.

We can take heart that lustration will expose this shameful shaman and the god given right of the good ladies of Koniakow to cover their backsides with fine lace will be upheld.

Ladies of Koniakow unite! You have nothing to loose but your shabby knickers!

beatroot said...


Anonymous said...

Two points:

Are these pants sexy? I'm not that keen...

Is it nice to have sex shops interspersed with other stores everywhere you go in Poland? What are they selling? Is it good for people to grow up thinking that the natural culmination of lovemaking is a pearl necklace? These are questions ministers should be looking into. Perhaps we could just tone it down.

Metka by Traczka said...

Actually, G-strings are not in fashion anymore. The Koniakow ladies are modern lingerie designers and make lacy boxer shorts now :-)

beatroot said...

I am very glad to hear that, Traczka...g-strings were to blame for an increase in prickly hemoroids!

Metka by Traczka said...

Hi Beatroot, what wa the stroy about "rings of fire"? :-))))

Anonymous said...

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