Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wojciech Wierzejski gets 'bludgeoned' in election

I have never known an electoral humiliation that brought such pleasure.

League of Polish Families representative in the Mayor of Warsaw election, Wojtek Wierzejski, got 0.3% of the vote(according to opinion polls).

Everyone has their own reason for disliking this person. Mine is when he said that ‘deviants’ such as gays (and including me and my girlfreind) who want to demonstrate in the streets of the capital (last summer) ‘should be bludgeoned’.

I honestly cannot remember a politician so brazenly inciting violence.

On the television yesterday, Wierzejski was trying to laugh off the 0.3 embarrassment by saying that voters obviously liked him as a member of parliament but did not see him sitting in Town Hall.

But I think he is in ‘denial’. As quotes from Wierzejski’s ‘blog’ (I think it’s an attempt to make us believe he can read and write) he wrote about a trip to the television studio when he thought he was being discriminated against because he didn’t have much support in Warsaw.

“Just after arriving I was told that I would not be on with Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Borowski and Marcinkiewicz [the main contenders], but on another program - with “less likely” candidates, for example with the dude in the orange hat from “the Committee for Gnomes and Idiots”. Real funny public television! I submitted a written protest and left.”

Shame then that Wierzejski got a minute 0.3% of the vote in Warsaw – the dude in the orange hat from “the Committee for Gnomes and Idiots” got 0.5%.

When a politician gets less votes than a gnome or an idiot, it’s time to consider a change of career.

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Anonymous said...

Warsaw tends to be more politically sophisticated than other areas of Poland consequently the LPR shouldn’t waste it’s time fielding candidates there.