Thursday, May 18, 2006

Searching for sex

According to Google Trends, Poles are one of the world’s most frequent visitors to sex-related sites.

Google tracks world search patterns by looking at which countries use which keywords the most. This is a top ten of the countries that most often type in the word ‘sex’ into Google Search:

1. Pakistan
2. Egypt
3. Viet Nam
4. Iran
5. Morocco
6. India
7. Saudi Arabia
8. Turkey
9. Philippines
10. Poland

And if you break it down into cities, where I live appears to be a hotbed of sweaty palms (as it were).

1. Cairo Egypt
2. Chennai India
3. Delhi India
4. Mumbai India
5. Ankara Turkey
6. Istanbul Turkey
7. Warsaw Poland
8. Brussels Belgium
9. Zurich Switzerland
10.Amsterdam Netherlands

Is it me, or do those lists have more than passing resemblance to the one in the last post?


jams o donnell said...

Sweaty palms? surely you mean hairy palms!

roman said...

Very interesting. At first glance, it looks like these nations have the reputation of having a high percentage of fervently religious political authority figures. Does this equate to a state of sexual repression in their populace?
The conclusion is inescapable as there are no real "secular" based societies represented (Vietnam being the exception).

Agnes said...

Hmm, and where is my humble country? But then, we produce porn. I feel humiliated and marginalized. I am outraged. And yes, Roman, religion is passion, so....

Vietnam is surprising though.... I'm glad the Google takes such a good care of my search habits, I feel relieved, really. No other user details?

michael farris said...

I think using 'sex' as a search word is going to skew the results away from English speaking countries (not counting post-colonial countries in that).

I think your average anglophone is going to use more specific (colloquial) words referring to specific acts or ... (ahem) physical characteristics. If I were going to go search for porn, sex is about the last key word I'd use.

Agnes said...

ahem - like in duct tape tarantula? The google has some fine groups and other sites related, let alone the rest. I don't think the average anybody would use the term "sex" if wants some juicy porn, sorry. A mistery why they search for those who search for the term "sex". But good point, yes.

beatroot said...

I don't think the ranking means searchers for porn. It means people who are obsessed about sex in general but are not getting enough of it!

This ranking shows the most frustrated nations. Repressed. That's why I was linking it to the previous post.

beatroot said...
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beatroot said...

I have been looking at how they calculate this...and I don't understand it.

Go to the Google Trends link and click 'normalized'

What are they on about?

Anonymous said...

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