Friday, January 13, 2006

Drunk tractor driving nun and the corrupt policeman

She was drunk at the wheel - twice: he offered to save her the right price, of course.

Everyone knows that if you get stopped by the cops on the roads in Poland then you might get away with a clean license if you offer the officer a few hundred zloty. Sometimes the cops will even offer to spare you a day in court if you indulge in a little redistrubution of wealth.

Anti-corruption campaigners will be happy, however, that one Polish policeman picked the wrong gal to ask for a bung recently. Backpage reports:

The Benedictine nun caused two accidents, the first in 2004, when [drunk] driving a tractor towing a snowplough, she hit a car parked at the entrance of her convent in the southwestern town of Krzeszow.

A year later, her car ended up in a ditch after she drove at high speed. Anxious to avoid scandal and particularly worried that her convent would find out, the nun went for help to a friend who was a police officer.

The policeman promised her he would make sure no one found out - in return for a payment of 3 000 zlotys ($960)....

"When the policeman demanded another payment of 3 000 zlotys to keep the second accident under wraps, she decided to inform on him."

Sisters are doing it for themselves!

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Bicyclemark said...

If the polish police were only using the internet, theyd probably make you an offer not to release this post. But Im getting ahead of myself... polish police.. reading a weblog?

beatroot said...

The average age of a cop here is about six and a half years old. None of them even shave! And they get paid, well, I was going to say peanuts - but they don't even get that.

But if I was a cop in Poland I wouldn;t ask a nun for some money. They are not supposed to have any money, are they?