Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blind justice

Many in the PiS government are proponents of capital punishment. I wonder what they think of this case.

In California, a 76 year old blind man (above) in a wheelchair, who was also almost deaf, has just been sentenced to death. Clarence Ray Allen’s crimes were pretty nasty, not to say bizarre.

The UK Guardian:

Clarence Ray Allen was sentenced to death in 1982 for ordering the murder of a witness to his murder of his son's 17-year-old girlfriend, who he had killed to stop her telling police about his robbery of a grocery store.

Allen was in jail for her murder when the subsequent killings took place. The hit-man killed the witness and two bystanders.

Er…right. Twenty three years later, late last year on Death Row, he got ill and his heart stopped. He was dead. But after a while they managed to revive him, just so they could go through with the execution as planned in his conviction.


Becca said...

Apparently they built him a ramp or something to wheel him into the death chamber in the end - can't accuse them of discrimination now...

beatroot said...

It's an equal oppotunities thing!

beatroot said...

That's a classic, dbn.

The man resposible for the most successful PR campaign in the history of Polish PR campaigns (it was witty, showed that Poles could laugh at themselves, it tapped into the kind of slightly camp, ironic humour that we like in western Eueope, has got the boot because some burak in some office in Warsaw didn't get the joke!

Welcome to the fourth republic!

beatroot said...

Absolutly! Blogs are posts + comments. If I didn't have Polish guys like you around then things might get a little boring.