Sunday, November 27, 2005

Gay activists in Warsaw protest Polish homophobia

Over 1000 gather peacfully at Plac Konstitucji, in the centre of the Polish capital, surrounded by several hundred police.

Under gloomy skies and in light rain the demonstrators listened to speeches and music booming out of sound systems, as the rest of Warsaw did their Sunday shopping. The action came in response to violence from police and rightwing thugs in Poznan last weekend, when several protestors from the Campaign Against Homophobia were beaten and arrested.

Left wing members of parliament from the SLD, SdLP, Greens and the Democratic Party gave suppport to the protest.

An expected counter-demonstration from far-right politicians and hooligans did not happen - except for a small press conference from the League of Polish Families in the square. A handful of skinheads hung around the four corners of Plac Konstitucji, making calls on their mobiles (I was suprised that they seemed to know how to work them!) trying to get more of their little buddies to come along.

The demonstration is part of a nationwide action this weekend involving six Polish cities, including Gdansk, where the local chapter of the Solidarity trade union gave its support.


michael farris said...

stefan, you've said too much and now the homonazis (motto: armed and extremely fabulous) are coming for YOU. You may expect a knock at your door at around ... is 12.44 am okay for you?

beatroot said...

Onanist's parade in Poznan? A wanker's march in western Poland! I must have missed that one!

Gustav said...

Stefan, don't you think there's a difference between "not supporting" (i.e. not caring) and violently opposing?

Tough for a hyporcirte to accuse others of hypocrisy, isn't it?

michael farris said...

I think stefan is just your garden (or german yard) variety troll. He shows up, repeats the same tired talking points without actually bothering to defend them (or explain clearly what he means often) and runs away.

beatroot said...

No it isn't and you are correct Gumish.