Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Polish plumber revisited

An article I wrote turns up in some weird and wonderful places.

The term the 'Polish plumber' was first used by French politician Philippe de Villiers (although this is disputed - see comment) to explain the fear that French voters felt about an expanded EU during the time of the referenda in May. I wrote an article about it called Polish plumber puts a spanner in the works.

Since then it has turned up in all sorts of places, such as freerepublic.com etc, UK Ratifiers for Democracy and even a blog with the title fuckfrance.com!

So it is with delight then that I learn that a political article such as that one about the EU has turned up in...Daily Plumbling News - a blog for plumbers!!!


benavar said...

Scuse my english...

I am sorry but it is not exactly excact.
In fact during the constitution campain in france, the first who use this phrase was not Ph D.V. but the EU com. Bolkenstein.
Because of demagogic discourse about the possible Bolkenstein reform (liberalisation of services in UE), he tried to explain his reform by saying : "in my house in France, (north part of france) when i am calling a plumber, there is always one week to wait. With these law, a polish plumber could come to the North part of France and..."
And then the nationalist-conservative Ph. D.V. said "as warned Bolkenstein, a crowd of polish plumber..."

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Claire hast said...
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Claire hast said...

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