Sunday, June 19, 2005

If white wrist bands make you want to puke...

…then the new gimmick by the EU elite is going to produce a fountain of projectile vomit.

For the next few months, EU Commission HQ is going to be wrapped in a giant white wristband. The project is part of the EU’s support for the Global Campaign Against Poverty.

The whole continent is going to be wearing its heart on its wrist.

The EU elite, seizing on a chance to appear relevant after constitutional treaty debacle and budget stalemate, is joining Bono, Live 8 and G8 in dropping the debt of countries so poor they can’t even afford to pay the bailiffs petrol allowance.

The Make Poverty History campaign should be prosecuted for contravening the Trade Descriptions Act. The campaign does not aim to ‘make poverty history’. It aims to half the amount living in the world on one dollar a day by 2030.

Per capita, this means about five dollars more a year.

The poverty of Africans is being matched by the poverty of ambition currently inflicting the western world. The Euro elite is wearing a white wrist band in vain attempt to seem relevant to the Euro masses. But that won’t do much for the poor of the world. And it defiantly won’t be making poverty history.

And that really does make you wanna puke.

1 comment:

Gawain Towler said...

No HIPC country is in debt to the EU.
Thus this is grandstanding of the worst and most cynical sort.
It also looks bloody stupid.