Saturday, December 10, 2005

Polish heaven or hell in Ireland?

Press reports of ‘suicidal Poles’ in Dublin are an exaggeration, says Ambassador.

The Polish Ambassador to Ireland, Witold Sobkow, is not a happy man. I have come to interview him about an article published in Newsweek Polska three weeks ago claiming that Poles are often living in misery in Ireland. He didn’t like the piece, I gather.

“If this sort of article becomes the norm in the Polish press then the Irish government might just stop giving Poles PPS [social security] numbers”, he fumes.

The Newsweek article claimed that many of the 120,000 Poles who have turned up in Ireland looking for work since Poland joined the EU in May last year have had trouble fitting in to Irish society, do not speak English, have not found work and are living in sub-standard accommodation or are homeless. In the last 12 months, says the magazine, eight lonely Poles have taken their own lives in Ireland, so complete was their alienation and isolation.

Newsweek blames the ‘fairytales’ told by Polish media about Dublin’s streets being paved with gold Euro coins. These stories have filled young Poles with false expectations of how easy it will be to make a new life for themselves in the Emerald Isle. And the Irish, says Newsweek, are using Poles, Czechs, Lithuanians and so on as cheap labour, while falling to provide support for those who run into trouble.

On the day that I went to see the Ambassador, the Irish Times picked up an article in StrefaEire – a Polish language weekly published in Dublin – agreeing with Newsweek. The Irish Times reports the editor of StrefaEire, Tomasz Wybranowski, as saying that media back home in Poland paint a rosy picture of life in Ireland, where everyone can find work. “The Polish media only shows one side of the story – the big money side,” he told the Times.

Irish employers are ‘racist’ in their treatment of Poles and other central Europeans who are competing with each other for jobs, says Wybranowski. He also thinks that this ‘racism’ will get worse if Ireland's booming economy falters.

The Polish Ambassador argues, however, that the 500 or 600 Poles who are having problems with work and accommodation make up less than one percent of Polish migrants, and that they are not representative.

Ambassador Sopkow told me that he has written to the editor of Newsweek – someone he says that he has met on several occasions – saying that the article is sensationalist and presents the hard luck stories as the norm, when they are, in fact, the exception. “But I have yet to receive a reply.”

Personally, I couldn’t find Poles willing to say that the Irish were racist. Izabela, who works as a television presenter on the City Channel’s Polish language programme said that she had not met anyone who was having as bad a time as Newsweek or StrefaEire make out.

I also asked a policeman if he has ever had any trouble with Poles. “I’ve never had any contact with Poles at all. They have not come here to be criminals,” he said.

The Ambassador claims that Irish employers do not discriminate against Poles – quite the opposite, in fact. “Polish nurses work longer and harder than their Irish counterparts. They are also better trained. Irish employers know that.” He also thinks that the Irish government is genuine when it says that it opened its borders to the new EU countries to share Irish prosperity.

I couldn’t find anyone to support the racist argument, but it would be a very unusual place if there was no exploitation going on in Ireland. For the Poles who have no qualifications and who can’t speak English then things are going to be tough. And if they are having a hard time then young Poles have the choice of going back home to a youth unemployment rate of nearly forty percent.


Bicyclemark said...

Related issue.. early last week the Herald Tribute ran a piece on Latvia and how such an enormous number have moved to Ireland to work on farms leaving latvia empty. Get me a high speed internet line and a well heated home and Ill move to latvia, no problem. I mean.. I think. as long as I can ride a bike.

beatroot said...

Latvians are cool. But who will fix the bathroom when all the plumbers are having a pint of Guiness in Dublin?

Michael Farris said...

But Latvians aren't even the majority in Latvia (or are only the barest majority), wouldn't mass (even temporary) emigration further the Russification they're so worried about? Most Russians can't go because they're not citizens (or was that taken care of yet?)

cezary strefaeire said...

in news paper we didint said that irish eployers are racist,but they can become,first you shoukld read this article and than post that you have posted.go to this artickle is translated.thank you very much.
cezary lukasik

cezary strefaeire said...

one more thing to beetrot,we rowte this artickle becouse we disagree wiht taht what the newsweek,edited.
how you can post any thing before you read or get informatoins what we wrote
shame,i am last time on this site.
cezary lukasik
editor director of strefaeire

Tarlach said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tarlach said...

I am doing research for a screenplay and I would like to talk with Polish people about their experiences here in this country.
Please get in touch if you wish to discuss your experience or help me answer some questions I have about
Polish people here in Ireland.
Also how do I get in touch with the Polish newspaper StrefaEire here in Dublin?
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

hey,i'm polish and i was working in Ireland for 2 years, if you have any questions don't hesitate and ask.

Anonymous said...

What a great site »

Anonymous said...

Hi to all polish in Ireland, I am Irish and I sincerely welcome you all to Ireland. I know that it is difficult for you going to an unknown country, with language difficulties. I have been to Poland three times in the last eight months and think that it is a great country. Without EU membership I would never had the opportunity to meet these great people. I truly admire Polish people for their courage and strength. But we are here to help, I meet and help Polish people on a daily basis and have found them to be very good people. I guess the other attributes of Polish women is that they are stunning beautiful and graceful. They are definitely a lot more beautiful than Irish and Ireland can definitely thank Poland for brighting up the street of Ireland a bit!! Well all the best from danny email

Anonymous said...

Irish people should disregard the following webpages “Carlow.Pl”, “Ireland from a Polish Perspective” and anything in general submitted by “MacKozer” a.k.a Krystian Kozerawski, a Polish archaeologist working in the Carlow area. If you have read Krystian Kozerawski webpages, you may have noticed that he strongly censors genuinely valid opinions if they do not fit in with his right wing Polish agenda. Krystian is responsible for orchestrating at least one attack on an Irish person in Carlow town, and for spreading racist anti Irish propaganda. He is responsible for segregating Pubs in Carlow town i.e “Nancy Whiskeys” in to “no go areas” if you are Irish. (please boycott this bar). I would be more than happy to answer any questions from the Carlow people about my comments and welcome hearing any of your storys concerning violence, intimidation, ignorance or racism suffered at the hands of the right wing Polish community.



(Apologies for not signing off in my own name, but have already had death threats from the Polish community)

Meallan muilte Dé go mall ach meallan siad go mion

Anonymous said...

poor daniel - does no-one like him in his own country?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I came to Ireland 3 years ago, never felt treated bad or in a "racist's" way. OK, there was one little inscription on a WC wall that I will not cite here, but I guess it is quite normal that you have one or two a bit immature persons in a hundred people. Thanks Danny for your warm welcome, just wanna say I'm glad to be here and trying hard to be normal part of your society. Sorry about grammar & other mistakes.

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Anonymous said...

I think the amount of foreigners coming into Ireland is ridiculous and dangerous.How would they like it if us Irish went to their countries and took their jobs! I feel very strongly about this but normally could not say anything because I would be branded a racist, but I'm only looking out for the future of Ireland, if the levels of immgration continues-us Irish will be an minority group!
The sooner the Government tightens immigration the better!

sohan said...

I think the amount of foreigners coming into Ireland is ridiculous and dangerous.How would they like it if us Irish went to their countries and took their jobs! I feel very strongly about this but normally could not say anything because I would be branded a racist, but I'm only looking out for the future of Ireland, if the levels of immgration continues-us Irish will be an minority group!
The sooner the Government tightens immigration the better!

Just to answer ya,please for christ sake you irish came to america when there was a potato blight in your country you guys immigrated in loads on a banana boat does this of the irish justifiable,i work in dubai and i am an american we have plenty of irish here as well isnt that stealing jobs duhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

So when are the Poles that have come to Ireland going home? As for not causing trouble I guess you havent been out in any towns on a Friday or Sat night. I dunno. I just dont see any integration just using them as cheap labour. Maybe I should get a few.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone about the hate of polish people in our beautiful country, The men and women and children who lost their lives against the british so irish people could be free in their own country and less than 100 years later the country is over run by poor crooked scum from the other side of europe,Its time to do something, Hitler done it to the jews,why cant we do it to the polish???!!! FREE IRELAND FROM POLISH!!!!!

shiv said...

Anonymous your one thick asshole, you claim to know something about Irish history then did you forget that over a million Irish emigrated to find work abroad over 100 years ago which continued up until the 1980's it's a wonder that your literate enough to even write a comment. whats your problem with others coming over to work here, your probably on the dole, thick

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of this ongoing fingerpointing that the irish are racist to the Polish. THe Polish should feel very lucky that they have an opportutnity to come to Ireland and obtain employment.
Form my perspective they contribue nothing to the cultural, artistic side of Ireland, sure they work, but they don't spend they money here. Which makes me refer to the stance do gooders take when they say the irish have travelled and have been welcomed abroad for centureis...its true, but we didn;t just take take take. We added to society thru sport, art cutlure etc. It seems the Polish community expect us Irish to be lucky that we have them in our society. I enjoy multicultural society, the dutch, americans, germans, swiss, french etc. But the Polish with their commuist background just don't fit in.

Anonymous said...

I`m on of those Polish who emigrated to Ireland in search of better life. I`m well educated, I speak English very well and have no problems in getting a job in Poland. But why should I work for 2 or 3 euro per hour in my own country, if for the same job in Ireland I can get 5 times more?
Concerning the matter of racism. I`ve never met any Irish racist and everyone treats me well and people help me a lot.
However, I aslo feel ashamed sometimes to be another Polish in Ireland. I feel bad that so many of us come here to work, many of them don`t speak English. And I understand the frustration of the Irish. But please, we just want to live good life, without worrying that tomorrow u may not have money to buy food or books to school for your kids. So understand us, please.
Aslo, I`d like to thank for the hostility of the Irish. I love you, guys.

Anonymous said...

Poles have decimated Irish culture, no addition whatsoever, the worst are the ones telling us we should all get along and be friends (a clear attempt at abusing the hospitable nature) while their compatriots, lie, cheat, steal, rape and murder (and thats just in my small town) Poles out, every last good for nothing one of ye

Anonymous said...

I am Irish and your a thick ignorant bogman! Go back to eating your turf where u belong!

marco said...

hi i am an italian living in ireland. i think polish people are wonderful. they never makr troubles and hav strong moral values. and they are also good handsome, nicely built phisically, men and women.
they are hard workers too.

irishman said...

i like to comment about the irish people who moved abroad yes we did for years but know this where ever we went too we might have drank our money but it went straight back to the economy many spent every penny they had unlike the polish who buy the bare stuff they need the rest they send all back home if there sick or need a dentist its all back home my job too was taken due to the polish coming taking all the over time off us irish ou bosses were encouraged to ring them cuz they were cheapernot just that but where are the irish gonna go and work with our high prices here wheres the average irish worker gonna go to work to meet his or his familes 2ooo amoth mortgage when most other currenices are shit we are in trouble i dont all blame the polish either years of having nothing turned them this way i blame that bloody lisbon treaty which we had voted no but were pushed in too they wont all go back why would they they can more here for not working then back home

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am an American that has a Polish father and Irish mother. My two families came to America for the same reason. To live a better life. My father worked 3 jobs while my mother took care of my family. Both my parents had the same struggle and worked hard. This too will happen in Ireland. Everybody deserves a chance to live a better life, my family is doing it right now. The Polish helped the British in the Battle of Britain in the RAF, while my uncle watched the skies from Dublin in case of Nazi bombers. Give the Polish some credit. They work hard and never back down.

Anonymous said...

i have no problem with polish workers in ireland. the problem is they dont put back into economy, the little money they spend is not even spent on irish produts, i have met polish workers in construction industry who have returned to poland to buy land and build a family home, but these people are now returning to collect a dole cheque, and claim benifits for their chilren, they can earn a decent polish wage here for doin nothing, this is worse then stealing irish jobs, they are now raping our country

Anonymous said...

It's a real shame that some people here are so closed minded that they are labeling all Polish people in the same light. When we, Irish people, emigrated, during difficult times, we suffered the same despicable prejudice by small minded, uneducated bigots. Give the Polish people time and there will be many great contributors to Irish society just as there were many great Irish contributors to any societies we have influenced. There are good and bad people of all races - there are just as many bad Irish people as there are Polish. I have had the pleasure to work with Polish in IT in Dublin and can say that they are already contributing to our economy in this area. Also I have been in positions of hiring and I will always choose the candidate that best meets the criteria for the position at hand so if they are Irish or Polish that doesn't make a difference. In the end the Polish are not that much different than us, in fact, I would go as far as saying they are quite similar. Don't forget their Prime Ministers support for our no vote by refusing to ratify the treaty and also the Czech Republics Premier support also.
I noticed some guy said that they don't spend the money they make either - if that is the case then why are more and more shops continuing to increase their stock of Polish products - obviously this person doesn't understand one of the basic tenets of economics (supply and demand). If these people are so afraid that "their" jobs are being taken then they need to go out and get more skills - and if they already have a job then they should focus on keeping it.
I am very proud to be Irish but it makes me cringe to hear this rubbish that some people spout off.
Things aren't looking rosy so for us at the moment and you never know when you may need to go abroad to support yourself or your family so keep this in mind. BTW I am not a bleeding heart liberal and I understand the need for immigration control to protect both the citizens, society and the immigrant communities but the out and out racist comments here are just not nice.
Lastly people who write communist and Poland in the same sentence, when not talking about history, should have their comments removed and be banned (they are a disgrace to our proud educational system and don't deserve a voice).


Seamus Tynan said...

When the Irish arrived in Ellis island America they were often pelted with rocks, in England, "no blacks no dogs no Irish" Im all for Europe and multiculturalism but c.350,000 Poles thrown upon the Irish hardly constitutes European integration!, its a fucking joke! wake up Ireland, we are being fucked over by an Irish minority bent on employing and exploiting shitty Poles at our expense. Polish should be treated like Polish and paid 2 or 3 euro an hour! thats what they are worth and here for!, Dont confuse them with real people, they are are hardly even Europeans for gods sake!, they are Slavs! which means slaves by the way!! Polish u will never belong in Ireland, ur food tastes like pussy juice, ur women act like they expect to be raped anytime soon, u dont speak English and thats somehow our fault! and dont get me started on how ye all look the same, Euell Brenner must have been awful fucking big in Poland!, oh and ur stupid shops dont even sell butter. Anyways the Russians and Germans will just rob all yere shit again. sure yere only in the EU to be cannon fodder when the Russians run out of oil and get horny for some Polish Pierogi, all in all ye are a waste of breath and the words i have typed here.

Seamus Tynan

P.S if anyone thinks i'm being a little Racist thats cos YES I am a fucking Racist, or at least thats what im labelled nowadays for being proud of my race. I make no apologies, God bless the Irish

Anonymous said...

racist... well, can`t say otherwise, racism`s just dripping out of this. But I`d rather say, You are plain stupid. God bless the Irish, good enough, but must say You`re not one of the blessed ones. If You have to lash at us Poles, do that at least having some sensible arguments at hand. Those comments about polish women are rather clashing, as two weeks ago I left the disco when saw few groups of Irish teenagers taking drugs, drunk senseless, one of them having sex in the toilet. Ok, she didn`t look like it was rape...
About the wages, wonder how much You get paid, what You do and what education You have. Doesn`t sound for me like You have some university degree or have a job with some impact on your community, doing something good for the Irish. YOu sound for me like frustrated guy who craves for attention, in whatever shape and whatever the costs. And I`m not going to discuss with You. Anybody who has some brain will just shrug their shoulders and walk away. Suit Yourself.

Seamus Tynan said...

Look dont you get it you stupid Polish fuck, we have had enough of your shit trying to put us Irish down all the time, that proves you are inferior, only shit people have to do that, fuck off home and wait to get wiped out by the Russians, thats all you people are is cannon fodder, boom over, GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY, mealy mouthed white slaves who will kill their own mother for a couple of euros, bloody sub human white trash, we dont care what ye have to say

Anonymous said...


Just another angle to see why exactly Polish people were chosen and allowed to immagrate to Ireland.

Ireland had a long, long history of resistance to the English Agenda of World Empire.
The English World Empire is rooted in the United Nations and they have chosen the Communist system to control the World population.

So, where does the Polish community come into the Agenda?

The older Polish people have been ‘programmed’ in the Communist system. They were perfect, for dilluting the Irish resistance.

They are both Catholic, they both look the same, the only difference is the polish are, from ther youth ‘communist’.

Some Links:

Climate Change // Crisis Creation by the Club of Rome

and the newest:

Please dont let youselves be used.



Anonymous said...

The Polish are a cold race that we have very little in common with. There is definitely more here than the official numbers suggest. I hope our national mentality survives. Their women are attractive but possess zero charm.

Anonymous said...

I work with three Polish lads and they are the nicest lads you will ever meet. Great fun and work like mad with great skill and commitment. I think if you work hard your entitled to money no matter where your from. I find it funny that so many of ye lads are so racist. Its a very ignorant way to be and your only making Ireland look bad. As for Polish women having no personality? I bet you never even spoke to one your so backward.

Anonymous said...

I work with three Polish lads and they are the nicest lads you will ever meet. Great fun and work like mad with great skill and commitment. I think if you work hard your entitled to money no matter where your from. I find it funny that so many of ye lads are so racist. Its a very ignorant way to be and your only making Ireland look bad. As for Polish women having no personality? I bet you never even spoke to one your so backward.

Greg said...

Then all irish should be booted out of wherever they are... If you don't want world in your country, world doesn't want you either.
I'm polish. Speak fluently 3 languages on top of my native. Speak english better, than 25% of irish. Better educated, than 70% of irish I've meet. And harder working, than 90%...
Came to Ireland 8 years ago, because I wanted to, not because I had to. Went through all immigration procedures.
And have seen a bit in meantime. Not all irish are racist, but plenty are. Crying and shouting at all them foreigners who took their jobs. Fact is- they weren't interested in those jobs anyway. They were "too good" for all those positions.
Don't tell me I'm not contributing enough to society- because I'm highly skilled, my income is at decent level, what leads to massive tax being paid by me to the state.
It seems to be an irish attitude in general- blame everybody else for own faults and mistakes.
If you want to do something about irish money being wasted, fights, frauds etc, you could start shoting at your own "travellers" as well, who do nothing, but draw all possible allowances out of the country, not being interested in any work whatsoever.
If anyone wants me out of this country, first has to prove he's better than me.

Jarlath Prendergast said...

Polish will never have a home in Ireland, Slav races are incapable of emotional intelligence. Cant the EU just lower the cost of muscle supplements in Poland to get all this shit out of my country? Krystian Kozerawski is profiting from the stupidity of his compatriots, he's the only ACTUAL smart one of em I met. What a race of fucking shit. Seriously, how embarassing.

Anonymous said...

filthy foreign fuks ni maith liom nagawll!!! hate de cunts

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz said...

Any Irish that say that immigrants should get the fuck out of Ireland should be shot. By an English man.
Look how many of yous are in the States, UK itself or other countries.
Idiots and ignorants blaming others for their mistakes. Typical.

Anonymous said...

ok first off,iam irish,race and nationality.2 different things.think there are a lot of young people posting here,there are irish and every other colour, creed, nation,gender spread out all over the world,i have met lots of polish people some were great fun some were assholes.again no different,i know plenty of irish,english,russian american assholes too,take people as you find them,not where there of my best friends is polish,as close to me as my brother,some of you guys need to take history lessons, tar all polish with the same brush is just showing how small minded and backwards you are loved and hated all over the world,but dont judge me until we meet.yeah i am an asshole to maybe fact of the matter is irish love to moan about what they have not got,most of the polish i know work hard and enjoy life,family and friends(the odd pint)and fun is what life is about just the same as irish and countless other countries,cant blame the polish for the shit storm in ireland that is the government and the irish people at fault..and to any polish reading this,you will find small minds where ever you go please dont sterotype us all from some stupid childish comments made here..we all bleed red and i welcome polish,american,english,whatever to my home country and reading some posts here made me ashamed to say iam irish.been to poland quite a bit and never had a problem,if anything i was made feel very very welcome,polish and irish are not that different in most things,family values for the most part are the same!!(we all love our moms they are the backbone)

Anonymous said...

America is a huge country and starvation is a pretty good reason to leave your country, a better reason than being on the dole in poland. The world is different now, Ireland is struggling, we have to do what is necessary to survive as a functioning country and look after our own, our great grandparents fought and died for this country and look at it now. How many countries did the poles fly over to get here?, seven?, eight?, they pick the furthest eu country and one of the smallest to flock to, you made your few quid now please go, america was the land of opportunity when we went, Ireland is certainly not that now, you poles must understand that. Rise up my fellow Irishmen and women, we fought for this country before, we must do it again.....tiocfaidh ar la....tarvation is a pretty good reason to leave your country, a better reason than being on the dole in poland. The world is different now, Ireland is struggling, we have to do what is necessary to survive as a functioning country and look after our own, our great grandparents fought and died for this country and look at it now. How many countries did the poles fly over to get here?, seven?, eight?, they pick the furthest eu country and one of the smallest to flock to, you made your few quid now please go, america was the land of opportunity when we went, Ireland is certainly not that now, you poles must understand that. Rise up my fellow Irishmen and women, we fought for this country before, we must do it again.....tiocfaidh ar la.... said...

I read a lot of helpful info in this post!

Anonymous said...

I think the polish are now disliked in ireland. personally i hate them. zero charm looking foward to them going home soon

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