Sunday, November 04, 2007

Everyone aboard the UK anti-immigration bandwagon

If you thought that it was just our friends at the Daily Mail who were pushing immigration to the top of political agenda in Britain, then take a look at the latest article from the ‘liberal’ Guardian’s Nick Cohen.

In what is a comment piece about David Cronenberg's new film Eastern Promises (a movie about how globalization has brought throat cutting Kurds and human trafficing Russians to the UK capital), pro-war lefty Nick Cohen writes under the headline Why 'Ryanair migrants' make the UK uneasy:

The middle class, which was once delighted to have cheap Polish plumbers, now thinks that foreigners will be competing for its jobs. The working class - white, black and brown - has never liked that, and is as suspicious as ever of new immigrants. Everyone is frightened about Islamist attacks, including those who say they aren't.

The article is printed as Poland’s next prime minister to be, Donald Tusk, lands in London to thank all the Poles – around 3 out of 4 in the UK – who voted for his more liberal approach to Polish politics in the recent elections here. His message domestically has been ‘toleration’. Well, maybe he ain’t going to get much of it from London’s media folk.

Cohen’s article begins with a strange line for a writer who has been lecturing his old friends on the liberal left for being too soft on (Islamo)fascism:

If the BNP had been given a camera crew, it couldn't have produced a more revolting depiction of immigrant life in London than David Cronenberg's film Eastern Promises... The British barely feature in their own capital. Apart from Anna, a second-generation Russian, they are minor characters: police officers who examine mutilated corpses or passers-by who run for cover when Chechen assassins storm a public baths. Whether as victims or victimisers, Cronenberg's London is a city of foreigners...

After saying this, he goes on to point out the obvious: since when has a film by Cronenberg – much as I love his work – been about reality? His films are about a hyper-reality, where the camera explores his obsession with the connection between violence and sex.

But never mind – Cohen’s comment article throws all kinds of London’s new immigrants into the paranoid mix.

For instance, he seems to think that ‘Islamists’ equals ‘immigrants’ – ignoring the fact that the only people to cause al-Qaeada type carnage in the UK were second or third generation, born in British. Britain’s recent immigration policy has nothing to do with it.

Cohen also seems to think that the ,’working class - white, black and as suspicious as ever of new immigrants...’ – meaning both the ‘Polish plumber’ and weird beard Islamists.

Cohen is so typical of much the liberal left he riles against, seeing the working class as a pogrom waiting to happen.

Cohen is the author of ‘What’s Left?’ – and with him as part of ‘the Left’, I think he has a point. Lefties being suspicious of the working class is sooo very 2007.

The give away to the article is the title, of course – ‘Ryanair migrants’. Not many jihad seeking migrants hop on a no-frills airline to come to Britain: Cohen is referring to Poles and other ‘New Europeans’.

‘Ryanair’ has become synonymous in these people’s minds, not for easy, casual travel – something you would think they would be pleased about – enabling the masses to travel from all parts of Europe, quickly and affordably – but as harbringers of a break down of social cohesion, as well as scaring the environmentalists stupid with size 12 ‘carbon footprints’.

Such is the confusion of modern day politics in Britain: the rightwing fear the free flow of people as much as they welcome the free flow of capital; and their friends on the liberal left fear the free flow of anything and everyone, and are hunkering down in their parochial, localist bunkers, wishing the modern world would just go away.

A little more self confidence from what’s left of both left and right about the effects of globalization would be welcome in the UK. Instead, Little Englanders are turning into a rainbow coalition - Blue, Pink and Green.

Tory sparks race row over Enoch Powell speech gaffe, Times online, Nov 4


Damien Moran said...

Remember remember the 5th of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot.
I see no reason,
Why the gunpowder treason,
Should ever be forgot.

Tomorrow all over Britain people, young and old, will stuff their shittiest clothes with hay, making an effigy of the early 17th century Catholic revolutionary Guy Fawkes, ultimately burning him on top of a great big bonfire.

Killing the baddies of the past over and over again is an interesting way for historians, governmental authorities, monarchists, parents, etc. to perpetuate a belief amongst the masses and new generations that there is a bogeyman always lurking in the corner, lusciously licking their lips in anticipation for their time to bring about chaos and disorder to the establishment.

Ok, hyperbole is my soft point. Yet it seems to me that with all this anti-immigrant bullology from the political and media establishment in Britain, one could well hazard to guess that tomorrow people might be burning the effigy of a Paki or Pole instead.

In reality, I doubt it will go that far, yet with such self-hating, comfort-ridden, delusioned-with-the-left commentators as Cohen around and being given space to write his garbage in for example, the Guardian, the future does not bode so well.

Oh yeah, BR, if you are talking about the New Left (Nowa Lewica) then you are not talking about folks with dogs on strings. Just ask Ikonowicz whether anoy of them attend his meetings or wave his flags. I know what you mean by this comment, but not all anarcho-types can be boxed off into the 'dog on string' stereotype. I, for instance, only have a cat!
And if I put a string anywhere near the mad bastard he goes mental.

beatroot said...

I did say ‘dog on string optional’. And I have seen a cat on a bit of string at a festival once.

As to Cohen. I read ‘What’s Left’. He is right about how many liberals/socialists do seem to think that it is OK to shack up with Muslim Brotherhood etc – policies of which are deeply conservative and reactionary. But he also now apparently buying into the conservative notion – as many environmentalists are – that resources finite and the more people in the country the more the future is doomed.

I simply disagree. I think immigrants bring so many benefits as opposed to problems. And not just economic but cultural. The type of Poles coming to Britain are inspirational – they want a better life and are prepared to work for it. Poland wants rapid development, British have a problem with that.

As far as a danger to ‘social cohesion’ goes – the anti-immigrationists’ main argument: you can’t blame migrants for the host culture’s lack of ‘cohesion’. If social solidarity was strong in the first place then social cohesion would not be threatened. If that culture had something worth integrating these people into, then they would integrate.

As usual, Poles and others are being blamed for things that are not their fault.

Damien Moran said...

'He is right about how many liberals/socialists do seem to think that it is OK to shack up with Muslim Brotherhood etc.'

Bang on. I saw this at work first hand from Northern Ireland Republican Socialists in Lebanon - 'We are all Hizbollah!'

It's not the nicest thing in the world to be surrounded by thousands of Hizbullah supporters who, along with western activists, are gawking at you, wondering why the fuck are ya not waving their flag frantically in unison with them.

Peter Thatchell wrote an excellent article recently for the Guardian about how he was bitterly abused by pro-Palestinian supporters of Hizbollah and Hamas on the London Al-Quds march:

I am all for less and less borders between people, so largely agree with your comments on immigration.

Any environmentalist worth listening to will not take such conservative Malthusian notions of resource depletion without putting it in the context of a broader political analysis.

For example, U.N. research claims that:

Globally, 20% of the world’s people in the highest-income countries account for 86% of total private consumption expenditures — the poorest 20% a minuscule 1.3%.

More specifically, the richest fifth:

* Consume 45% of all meat and fish, the poorest fifth 5%
* Consume 58% of total energy, the poorest fifth less than 4%
* Have 74% of all telephone lines, the poorest fifth 1.5%
* Consume 84% of all paper, the poorest fifth 1.1%
* Own 87% of the world’s vehicle fleet, the poorest fifth less than 1%


Immigrants are not the problem. Rather, as you have pointed out, easy scapegoats.

Anonymous said...

Why do you link all the left in the UK together with Cohen. If you want to talk about London, why not mention Ken Livingstone who has been a constant supporter of multi-cultural London. The problem in the UK is not immigration but the result of running down the country's infrastructure and allowing for the build up of a large pool of unprotected, exploited immigrant workforce. Poles (along with Romanians and Bulgarians, etc) should be free to come to Britain and work and live. But they should be employed on proper conditions. You can't also expand your population without also building suitable housing, transport, etc. Without all this resentment builds.

Cohen's book is dreadful. He claims that what the anti-war movt did is akin to appeasement with fascism before WW2. He's part of the so called pro-war left that has moved over to reaction and racism.

On the environment. Although I agree that much of the carbon offsetting, build a windmill stuff is just bollox, there is a real problem concerning global warming. Denying this is as infantile as selling your carbon credits to a third-world knitting centre. It demands a real reform of how things are produced and consumed, that goes beyond the individual responses of Gore, etc.

Anonymous said...

For about a month now, I have been unable to expand the blogspot comments screen on any the computers I access. Consequently, I cannot cut and paste long urls (most of which are cut off on the screen).

Any idea why this is happening, BR?

Anonymous said...

Poles have to be amongst the most annoying fuks on the planet,they can't talk,they shout.They all look the same,pigugly skinheads and thats the women.FFS this little englander bull is a tad tiresome ,take a look at your own set of inbreds before you criticise others and whats with this culture of pickpockets and shoplifting.Thanks to the poles crime has escalated in our town,unity in diversity you having a giraffe...chin chin

sonia said...

Actually, "Eastern Promises" (besides being a truly great film) doesn't really present immigrants in a negative light. Of course, it's impossible to discuss the film's characters without spoiling some great surprises, but suffice to say that for that Cohen guy to write that "if the BNP had been given a camera crew, it couldn't have produced a more revolting depiction of immigrant life in London than David Cronenberg's film Eastern Promises" is complete misreading of the film.

beatroot said...

I thought it was a weird sentence to open the article, Sonia. Strange.

Geez, I cannot full size comment screen either, so it is something up with blogger.

And I am just going to the ignore the purile rubbish from yet another 'anon'.

beatroot said...

Why do you link all the left in the UK together with Cohen

Indeed I do not. On the one side we have Cohen and the �anti-fascists� � see Harry�s Place for a good example of this � and on the other we have SWP, who in their desperation to find a �common front� end up with RESPECT (at least they did until recently, when the coalitions �internal contradictions� caught up with it. Galloway told the SWPers to �fuck off� at a meeting a couple of weeks ago. They don�t leave respect so RESPECT is leaving them.

Essentially, the SWP knows that the working class is not the midwife of revolution any longer, so now it goes groping around trying to find some other �revolutionary agent�. And then they found one � a bunch of anti-Semite, homophobic sexists.

What�s left of the left? Not much.

Anonymous said...

Can Muslims not be members of the working class?

luridtraversal said...

The eloquent "Anonymous" is almost the same as every other jackass limey I've ever seen roaming through the streets of Krakow (beer-swilling all trying to sound like they're a cast member of East Enders, vomiting on their shoes, and that's just the women). Honestly I'm surprised he can put together an almost coherent thought. Maybe he should get back to reading the Sun (or rather looking at the pictures) and collecting his dole check instead of commenting on political events. Moron.

Anonymous said...

Lurid Yank:Limey?oh dear thats original i see you're stooping to beatties level with the racist bile,and btw i'm not British old bean; it seems you have a intense dislike for "residents of the uk"why is that lurid ? yawn....

beatroot said...

Can Muslims not be members of the working class?

Of course. Many are. But you are thinking in political categories that simply don’t exist anymore. Class politics? Um....

We have shifted from a class based politics to a cultural, identity based politics.

What are now called ‘Muslims’ often used to be called ‘Asians’. And before that they were called ‘black’ – that’s in the 1970s and ‘black power’ and all that. I was on a demo once chanting 'Black and white unite and fight' (1989). Corny, I know. But at least it was about solidarity and all that.

So we have moved from racial categories to cultural/religious ones. Is that progress?

Anonymous said...
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